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Meet Kris Kristofferson’s Children


Kris Kristofferson’s children prove that they can make their own way through their chosen paths. With their father’s talent in singing, songwriting, and acting; and their respective mother’s apt for their chosen fields, these kids surely got the best genes.

With two marriages, Kris Kristofferson is blessed with 8 lovely kids. His first wife was Fran Beer and they got married in 1960. They separated almost a decade later with two children, Tracy and Kris Jr. Consequently, the award-winning artist also married a fellow premier recording artist, Rita Coolidge. They had one child. 

Today, Kris is a new man. He has been married to Lisa Meyers for 38 years, enjoying their lives together with the many children that came their way.

Read more about Kris Kristofferson’s kids below:

Tracy Kristofferson 

Tracy is the superstar’s eldest daughter. She first came into the world on January 9, 1962. This Texas-born child is one of Kris’ kids with his high school sweetheart, Fran Beer. 

She was then raised in Palo, Alto and later on graduated in Standford. She grew up to be a successful actor and producer. Her most prominent films include Trouble in Mind (1985), Night of the Cyclone (1990), and A Place to Grow (1995).

After his major film appearances, she chose to move away from the spotlight. She settled for making appearances with her father over the recent years. 

When it came to her personal life, she’s also withdrawn from the general public. However, it’s well-known that she was married to Richard Tyson but they broke up in 2018. She has one child.

Kris Kristofferson Jr.

The second child of Kris to his former wife was born in 1968. Kris Jr. managed to stay away from the spotlight like his other younger siblings. His name might be one of the most ironic among Kris Kristofferson’s kids since if you take away the “Jr.,” then he’s a Grammy Award-winning musician, revered among his peers and fans.

Casey Kristofferson

Casey is Kris’ only child with Rita Coolidge. The two musicians welcomed her in 1974. Today, she’s prospering as a recording artist. She’s the frontwoman and does North Carolina-based touring.

This tattooed artist clearly has the musical skills of her parents. She’s successful in her chosen field, and back in 2019, the auburn-haired singer released her debut album. Dirty Feet features nine solid tracks featuring her unique vocals. You can check her singles on all streaming platforms.

Jesse Kristofferson

As the eldest child of Kris and Lisa, Jesse also possesses artistic talents. He was born on October 7, 1983. This 37-year old actor starred in “Days of Our Lives” and “Melrose Place.”

He further shows how he caught the acting bug by appearing in recent films like the recent Range Junkie in 2013.

Jody Kristofferson

Jody entered his parents’ lives on May 21, 1985. He’s a professional wrestler who chose to let go of his birth name many times. His showbiz career continues to smash as he thrives in wrestling.

He’s famous for his stints in WWF SmackDown! (1999) and Smosh (2005). His appearance in WWE NXT in August 2010 was his debut in the WWE. Before this, he was known as Jody Reese for two years. 

Jody then joined the WWE’s roster for the 2012 Florida Championship Wrestling. In this era, his name was Garrett Dylan. His retirement in 2017 was a memorable time for many avid fans of the wrestling community.

Johnny Kristofferson

Johnny was welcomed by Lisa and Kris in 1998. He went to Pepperdine University as a law student. This Kristofferson sibling clearly inherited his interest in law from his mom. Currently, he’s a California-based attorney.

Kelly Marie Kristofferson

Kristofferson’s youngest daughter came to the world in 1990. She’s also an artist and she flourishes in acting, singing, and playing various instruments. Kelly didn’t go far in finding the love of her life as she’s married to an artist. Aydin Hamami is a painter.

Kelly’s most recent activity under the limelight would be her appearance in “Little Lamb” and “Heartbreak and Other Sharp Things” this year, as per IMDb reports.

Blake Kristofferson

Blake remains to shy away from the Hollywood spotlight. His private life must be a well-priced possession for him and he’s evidently doing good at stashing it. The juiciest report about him so far is that he got a degree from Pepperdine University, where his mom also went to take up a law degree.

The country superstar has led a colorful life. Both his career and love life have made headlines. There’s no wonder why most of Kris Kristofferson’s children are a bunch of talented and bright individuals, mirroring their parent’s fantastic paths. 

Do you want to dive deeper into the multi-awarded country star’s family life? Read about Kris Kristofferson’s wife and their love story here.


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