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How Georgette Jones’ Version of “Apartment No.9” Differs from Her Mother’s

Georgette Jones + Apartment No. 9

In 2021, Georgette Jones surprised everyone when she performed a live cover of Tammy Wynett’s hit single “Apartment No. 9” on the show Country Road TV. 

“Apartment No. 9” is a song written by Bobby Austin and Johnny Paycheck. Many of us may probably think that the song was originally sung by the country legend Tammy Wynette, but it turns out that is not the case at all. 

The song was originally recorded by Bobby Austin in 1966. The original version immediately became a hit, landing at the no. 40 spot on the Billboard Country Songs Chart. Because of this, many country artists decided to release their versions as well. And one of those artists is Tammy Wynette. 

Although her version received minor success compared to Bobby Austin’s original release, her cover of “Apartment #9” is still considered one of her career’s signature songs. So it was no surprise when her daughter, Georgette Jones, decided to release her cover decades later.

Georgette Jones’ Unique Spin on “Apartment No.9”

During one of her guests on the show Country Road TV, Georgette Jones proves that she is indeed Wynette’s daughter as she gives the audience a powerful performance. Compared to her mother’s version, Georgette’s rendition is laid-back with a cozy feel to it. 

Her audiences are mostly older men and women who are now beyond their prime years and can probably relate to the meaning of the song. “Apartment No. 9” is a song that simply talks about a woman who longs for her ex-lover to come back to her life. 

Aside from that, her mellow voice, accompanied by just the low-pitched piano and dabro, gives off a feeling of nostalgia. Although Georgette undeniably has a modern country voice, she was still able to give the performance justice, making listeners fall in love with her even more.  

So, if you missed watching Georgette Jones’ live performance of “Apartment No. 9,” you can enjoy watching the full video below.