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This electronic document, which serves as a legally bound agreement between you, the end-user and Country Thang Daily, specifies all the legal terms and conditions encompassing the use of Country Thang Daily’s services.

I. Registration and Acceptance

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II. Product and Limitations of Service

Our main objective is to deliver weekly updates on what living a country lifestyle is all about. We feature related stories, share and review songs and videos, and post articles for your maximum entertainment. We are not responsible for fulfilling purchases or orders you make on any of our affiliates’ products.

III. Ownership

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IV. General Use of our Service

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V. User Discretion and Conduct

Once your subscription request is successfully granted, you will also be given access to interact with fellow users on our website through the comments section on our site’s pages. You are free to express your opinions and feedback for as long as you do not infringe upon the safety and privacy of your fellow end-users. You are also expected to support us in upholding the wholesome online community of Country Thang Daily at all times. Failure to comply is subject to corresponding corrective measures.

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