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Randy Travis Turns “It’s Just a Matter of Time” into a Bluesy Rendition

Randy Travis + It's Just a Matter of Time

Randy Travis’ version of “It’s Just a Matter of Time” by Brook Benton received massive success as it reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot Country Charts and Canada Country Tracks in 1989. The American country singer became one of the most dominant country artists of his time as the third artist to cover the song, along with the prominent names of Sonny James and Glen Campbell. Travis’ version was recorded as the lead single to his fifth studio album No Holdin’ Back

Aside from being a professional actor, Travis has already made 20 studio albums and 16 singles that reached No.1 on the Billboard Charts since 1985. Randy Travis’ classic hit songs such as “Hard Rock Bottom of Your Heart” and “He Walked on Water” became the breakthrough of his career in the 80s and led him to become a pivotal figure in the Neotraditional country movement.

Meaning Behind the Song

The slow rhythm paired with Randy Travis’ smooth, sultry voice in his cover of “It’s Just a Matter of Time” reenacts the meaning of the song flawlessly. In the music video, he gets up on stage to pick up his guitar and perform in front of the crowd, displaying his magnetic presence through the screen. 

The title highlights the unwavering faith of the singer that, despite being betrayed, his lover will come back in a matter of time. Upon the first verse, the theme of the song is established in which the woman is expected to come back after realizing she needs him. The second verse entails that the singer has already moved on but emphasizes in the next part that she will come to her senses and will regret leaving. This proves that the man is eager to make her believe that his unconditional love is worth staying for. 

Although Brook Berton’s original version was hard to replicate because of his natural charm and simplicity, Travis was able to put a modern country touch with his hypnotic vocals and compelling storytelling of the song that appealed to both fans and non-fans alike. 

Watch Randy Travis’ charismatic performance of “It’s Just a Matter of Time” below.