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“Wings of a Dove:” Porter Wagoner’s Rendition

The gospel song “Wings of a Dove” was popularized by Ferlin Husky in 1960. When Husky took the song, it spiraled to the top of the country chart. As a result, the song became his signature hit. Hence, whenever the single is played, Husky is the first one that comes into people’s mind.

Ferlin Husky Porter Wagoner Wings of a Dove
Ferlin Husky popularized “Wings of a Dove”/ Photo via

Other Recordings of “Wings of a Dove”

After making the song popular, many artists released their version. We have heard of George Jones, Ricky Skags, Loretta Lynn, and more. However, one particular version we would like you to listen to is by Porter Wagoner.

Wagoner’s version wasn’t commercially successful, but it had an exemplary blending of his voice with his back up singers.

Here’s Wagoner’s rendition of “Wings of a Dove.”

Porter Wagoner Added More to the Song

The original version of the song didn’t include these lyrics:

When Jesus went down to the waters that day
He was baptized in the usual way
When it was done God blessed his Son
He sent him His love on the wings of a dove.

It only became a part of the song in Wagoner’s recording. Even Dolly Parton, who made her rendition, included this stanza in her song.

The Biblical Basis of the Song

“Wings of a Dove” was derived from different stories in the Bible, but a part of the song mentioned Noah. It was written in the Bible that Noah sent a dove to look for a sign if the flood was over. It returned with a branch of olive, and as the song says, with the love of God.

In Wagoner’s version, he included another passage from the Bible. Wagoner’s rendition mentioned the baptism of Christ in the river. At that moment, the heavens opened and God sent the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove.

How wonderful and inspiring these stories are, isn’t it?

The song was penned by the prominent country songwriter, Bob Ferguson in 1958.


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