August 2

Loretta Lynn’s “Rated X” Teaches Women to Fight for Their Rights

Loretta Lynn is one of the bravest country artists during her time until now. Her release of “Rated X” and “The Pill” got the attention of the male-dominated world of country music. 

We all know that back then, women are not treated equally as their male counterpart. Loretta Lynn’s track “Rated X” discusses how women were viewed in cases of divorce. 

loretta lynn, rated x
Via Loretta Lynn’s Official Facebook Page

Loretta Lynn Has Something to Say

The track was part of Loretta’s album called Entertainer of the Year. This was a subtle jab at the CMA since she was the very first female to be honored as entertainer of the year. Loretta knows that other women deserved it before her, that is why she made sure that the country music community will listen to them. 

The track was as controversial as the title suggests. So much so that disc jockeys refused to play the song, thinking that it was a dirty song. This was, of course, wrong because the purpose of the track is to empower women. The song suggests that when you are stuck in a very bad marriage, you should get out of it. 

loretta lynn, rated x
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Lyrics Breakdown

In the ‘70s, there is a stigma that women face after a divorce. This was of course seen as a normal case because people did not know enough back then. It is quite amazing that Loretta Lynn tried to use her music to empower women who are suffering from this injustice. 

It is very inspiring when an artist knows the big platform that he/she has and uses it to help other people. 

Listen to her Loretta Lynn’s “Rated X” here:

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