July 30

WATCH: A Father’s Final duet with his Daughter

This father and daughter duet cover of “Will the Circle be Unbroken” will surely make your eyes water a little. The video was first posted on Facebook and it was, unfortunately, the last duet between them.

The song is an iconic hymn performed by countless amazing musicians. It was first made popular by the Carter Family and has become a huge gospel tune known to everyone.

A Father and Daughter’s Last Moment

Angie Sutherland and her father, Edgar Napier sang “Will the Circle be Unbroken” at the porch of their house. As you can see in the performance, Edgar plays the guitar while his daughter sings the song. The two have been posting a couple of videos back then and they went viral for their performance of “Lord, I Wanna Go To Heaven.” It is sad to know that Edgar Napier was battling stage 4 cancer and he lost the fight on August 25, 2019.

It was a touching moment to watch this performance because you can see the genuine emotions coming from the daughter. It was her father’s hobby to sit in front of their porch as he plays the guitar. They have also done other performances and you can check it out on her Facebook page.

Edgar Napier’s Legacy

Music runs through their family. Angie Sutherland has the voice of a country singer, while her father is a singer-songwriter and he can play the guitar. Prior to their cover of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken,” the two performed “If I loved to be 100” which was written by Edgar himself.

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The song started with Edgar singing and playing the guitar. He was then joined by his daughter during the chorus and their voice blended really well. It also delivers a great message that the Lord loves us and takes care of us.

Watch their performance here:


Angie Sutherland, Edgar Napier

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