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Ashley Campbell Surprises Us with Her Version of “Pancho and Lefty”


Ashley Campbell, the daughter of the late country legend Glen Campbell, follows the footsteps of her father. If Glen were alive today, he’ll be hella proud to see Ashley perform a classic song on an episode of Country Road TV. Her sweet voice added something quite remembering to the song, and this is something we shouldn’t miss if we truly love country music.

Check her perform the classic “Pancho and Lefty.”

A Little Bit ‘Bout Ashley Campbell

Ashley is someone whose voice you should take the time to listen to although she is not much known in country music yet. She may have followed her father’s footsteps by singing and even playing the banjo, but she’s not as big as her father. She has an incredible voice0, but sadly Ashley only released one studio album and two singles. However, she continues to play music and even has some tours lined up. Maybe it’s a bit early for her to rise to stardom just yet. Often, great artists start small and then get recognized by their hard work and art. We are hoping to see more of Ashley in the future.

Ashley Campbell Pancho and Lefty Merle haggard Glen campbell Willie Nelson
Ashley Campbell. Photo from Ashley Campbell’s official Facebook page.

“Pancho and Lefty”

Every country music avid fan certainly knows the song “Pancho and Lefty,” and if you don’t know it, then you might be missing out. The classic country single was written by Townes Van Zandt in 1972. He was even the first artist to record it, but his version wasn’t commercially successful. In the year 1983, two country legends decided to record the song, where each of them portrayed a certain character. Merle Haggard sang the part of Lefty and Willie Nelson was Pancho. The song ended tragically because of betrayal. We would love to tell you who died at the end and who betrayed the other, but instead, we would rather let you find out the end of the song.

Here are Haggard and Nelson telling an interesting story in the form of a song.

Before we end, we would want to let you know the Haggard and Nelson took the song to the top of the country charts both in the US and Canada. In addition, it also made an appearance at the Hot 100 chart too.


Ashley Campbell, glen campbell, merle haggard, pancho and lefty, Willie Nelson

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