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March 4, 2021


March 4, 2021


March 4, 2021

In 1982, Glen Campbell was a newlywed for the fourth time, marrying Kimberly Woolen at the North Phoenix Baptist Church in front of 100 family and friends. And she remained by the country superstar’s side – every step of the way – for three decades and a half until his passing in August 2017.

Here’s what you need to know about her.

1. She met Glen Campbell on a blind date.

Glen Campbell and Kimberly Woolen actually met on a blind date during one weekend in New York City. Campbell’s banjoist Carl Jackson, who was courting Kimberly’s friend at that time, played cupid for both of them. 

The country superstar took Kimberly to a dinner date at the Waldorf-Astoria with his parents, and it was followed by a James Taylor concert.

Though Kimberly did not take things seriously in the beginning, thinking it was just a simple date, she soon realized there was something special with Campbell – who revealed that he immediately liked Kimberly.

2. She’s a former dancer. 

Born on April 3, 1959, in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States – but was raised in Newport, North Carolina after her parents split – Kimberly Wollen is a former dancer before she married Glen Campbell. She has performed at New York’s Radio City Music Hall, as well as on the Jones Beach production’s The Music Man, 

She went to East Carolina University in Greenville to study dance, and then started hitting New York in 1979. Though she no longer danced professionally after getting married, she went on taking lessons.

3. She admits Campbell’s music wasn’t familiar to her the first time she met him.

Though Kimberly knew Campbell’s greatest hits the first time she met him, she admits she never followed his music. The couple started dating in the fall of 1981.

4. She was Campbell’s bride number four.

Before Campbell met Kimberly, the country singer was renowned for being a lady’s man. He first married Diane Kirk in 1954 when he was only 17, but they divorced five years later. 

That same year, Campbell married Billie Jean Nunley, a hairdresser from New Mexico. Their marriage lasted for sixteen years before calling it quits. It was followed by marriage to country singer Mac Davis’ ex-wife, Sarah Barg Davis – yet it still ended up in a divorce.

Campbell then had a far-famed relationship with fellow country singer Tanya Tucker. The two recorded many songs together, including the 2013 hit “Dream Lover.” 

But the fourth time was the charm to the country superstar after he married Kimberly – who was only twenty-four then. 

5. She’s a mother of three.

Kimberly became a first-time mom when she and Campbell welcomed their first child, Cal Campbell, in 1983. They were blessed with two more kids, Sharon Campbell and Ashley Campbell, born in 1985 and 1986.

And just like their talented father, they were all musicians following the footsteps of Campbell.

6. She launched a social movement to empower caregivers.

In 2011, Kimberly and Campbell revealed that the country singer was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease – letting fans know that they might find him forgetful or disoriented in his upcoming concerts at that time.

However, the last few years of Campbell’s life turned out to be quite challenging that Kimberly and her family eventually became unable to take care of him at home. 

Knowing that the situation she’s facing at the moment was something common to other women – losing their spouses to dementia – she decided to launch her blog with the aim to inspire and empower other women.

7. She’s an author too.

Last year, Kimberly narrated her roller-coaster marriage to the music legend in her book called Gentle On My Mind: In Sickness and in Health with Glen Campbell. She detailed the singer’s heartbreaking battle with alcoholism, the struggle they went through after Campbell’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, and also the joyful moments of raising their three children.

In addition to that, Kimberly also chronicled Campbell’s early life, growing up in an extremely poor family in Arkansas, and how he made his way to stardom.

8. She’s slowly moving on.

Three years after Campbell’s death, Kimberly revealed that she’s slowly moving on by going back to her first love – dancing!

Kimberly started taking a ballet class at Nashville Ballet. She is even working on building some dance programs that she wants to provide into the assisted living communities wherein they could follow her dance even if they’re just sitting on their chairs.

Kimberly Wollen is indeed getting her life back and enjoying life the best way that she can.


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