March 8, 2019

The Electric Rag Band: An Awesome Father and Son Duo

Electric Rag Band or known as ERB is not the kind of band we think we know. They are comprised of two members only, Pat Cook on guitar and vocals, and Daniel Cook on drums. Yes, they share the same last name as they are a father and son band. Isn’t that amazing?

The Electric Rag Band

ERB was formed in 1994, and they are currently based in Tulsa. They have already opened up for various artists such as Billy Joe Shaver, Johnny Winter, Charles Brown, and many more. Aside from performing at other artists shows, Electric Rag Band has also headlined their own tour and released their own albums.

The Electric Rag Band ERB
Photo Credit: The Electric Rag Band (L-R: Pat Cook (Father) and Daniel Cook (Son))

Songs and Albums

They have released a total of six albums. The last album was released in 2015, My Side. You’ll surely enjoy this band’s latest album as they combine the sound of the blues and country rock and as they shift from one song to another. Their catchy rhythm and well-written lyrics will hook you up in no time.

the electric rag band my side
Photo Credit: My Side Album Cover/ Official Website

A Touch of Everything…

You can also enjoy a touch of country in their previous albums. The band not only combines blues and country but they alternate from one genre to another. Some of their songs are performed with a rockabilly style, some with a touch of folk music, and rock. The diversified genre of music they play made them a one-of-a-kind band that will definitely make you want to listen to their songs.

Upcoming Tours

The Electric Rag Band is currently on tour. You can check their website for updates on the upcoming tours. In addition, you can purchase some of their songs, or download them for free on their website.


It is not only here in that we appreciate their music, but Electric Rag Band has received numerous positive reviews all over the world.

“Elements of blues, ragtime, rockabilly, country, and rock all come together to create something that’s both unique and familiar at the same time.” – Urban Tulsa

“Roots music that you want in your favorite music pub.” – Rootstime

Here are some of their original releases.


The Electric Rag Band

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