June 29

Watch The Heartwarming George Jones and Daughter Georgette Duet: “Daddy Come Home”

One of the best moments in someone’s life is to sing with his/her own mother or father. It is a rare scenario to see children and their parents singing together especially onstage or in front of a crowd. A parent will always be grateful for this rare chance. In this case, the country music world is not an exemption.

Well, there are families who sang together especially gospel songs like the Carter Family, and Isaac Family. Also, there are bands formed that consists of brothers like the Everly Brothers, and the Bellamy Brothers. However, it is very rare for us to see a parent-child tandem, well, with the exception of The Judds, a mother-daughter act. Nevertheless, there were some parent-child performances. Among these is that rare moment when George Jones and his daughter, Tamala Georgette Jones performed “Daddy Come Home.”

George-Georgette Duet: “Daddy Come Home”

Tamala Georgette Jones is the daughter of George and Tammy Wynette. Born on October 5, 1970, Georgette is also a country singer and worked as a registered nurse for 17 years.

In an infrequent appearance together, George and the young Georgette sang together onstage. George introduced her to the audience by saying,

“It is not unknown that Tammy Wynette and myself are married at one time. We have a beautiful, young daughter aged of 10, and I like to introduce to you her right now. We would like to do a song together we just recorded.”

The 10-year-old Georgette then enters and applause was heard. While the father and daughter were singing, emotional Tammy is shown watching the two.

It is indeed a joy to watch the two together especially knowing what had happened to George and Tammy’s relationship.

About the Song

“Daddy, Come Home” was originally penned by Irving Berlin and was first published in 1913. The following year, Bill Murray recorded the song. This is a humorous song that narrates a story of a young boy calling his father on the telephone to ask him to leave work and deal with an assortment of family problems at home.

Watch the heartwarming moment between the father and daughter, George Jones and Georgette Jones, as they sing a duet, “Daddy Come Home.”


George Jones, Tamala Georgette Jones

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