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Air Supply’s “Lonely is the Night” Tells What Distance Does in a Relationship

“Lonely is the Night”

Lonely Is the Night, Air Supply
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This is a classic love song in the 80s, which was written by songwriters Albert Hammond and Diane Warren. Thus, American record producer, John Boylan produced this song. Air Supply has recorded the song and was released in 1986 as a lead single from their album, Hearts in Motion.

Lonely is the night, air supply
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“Lonely Is the Night” ranked number 76 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and number 12 on the Adult Contemporary chart. In the later years, “Lonely Is the Night” was included on 2002’s Best of Air Supply. Two years after, it was included in the Platinum and Gold Collection.

About the Song

Lonely is the night when I’m not with you
Lonely is the night, ain’t no light shining through
Till you’re in my arms, till you’re here by my side
Lonely am I

“Lonely is the Night” talks about the difficulty of dealing with a long-distance relationship. What is a long-distance relationship? Long-Distance Relationship or LDR is an intimate relationship between lovers who are far apart and frequently see each other.

The chorus of the song explains that the narrator had faced difficulties spending the night away from his lover. Being away from our lover is not easy. We only have our gadgets as tools so we can communicate with him/her.

Lonely Is the Night, Air Supply
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Honestly, some of us think that entering into a long-distance relationship will not work for a lifetime. But for those who were already used to it, their thoughts about LDR is to love their partners harder while they are far away from them.

I, myself salute everyone who is in a long-distance relationship because it is a living proof that distance is not a reason for breakups. I believe that this is only a challenge if we really love someone.

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