January 23

Home Free Member, Adam Rupp, Stuns in His Vocalized Drum Solo

What better way to silence the skeptics than to show your skill real time?

Country styled a capella group Home Free are as real in their live concerts as they are in studio. Today’s feature highlights the group’s knack in voiced music through vocal percussionist’s Adam Rupp. Believe it not, Rupp really sounded like a drum.

Lo and behold the human beat box! Adam Rupp was spontaneous like he has no need for a space to catch his breath. What a remarkable performance!

Smashing Beat Box during Live Shows

As we’ve seen and heard from the released music videos of Home Free, Adam Rupp can sing well like his peers. During live shows though, he does beat box solo for intermission. It looked like a gimmick on the surface, but it was a click for the group as the crowd loves every second of it.

Of course, beat-box isn’t a new trend but what sets apart Rupp is that he can beat-box non-stop for 10 minutes straight! That’s mightily impressive!

As per other sources, Adam started doing beat-box in the early stage of Home Free’s fame. Over the years, he got better in his gig.

Bits About Adam Rupp

A native of Minnesota, 36 year-old Adam Henry Rupp is one of the three products of a musical family in Mankato. He has acquired a degree in music and a trained musician who can play the trumpet, drums, keyboard and bass. In 2000, he and his brother Chris were among the founding members of Home Free. Chris eventually ventured for a solo-career in 2016. Chris’ absence, however, didn’t make a dent the band’s success but continued to peak.

Come 2010, Adam Rupp tied the knot with Ericha. In 2014, they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl whom they named Cerise.

Trivia: Rumors say that Adam Rupp can beatbox longer than sing. That’s insanely amazing, don’t you agree?


Adam Rupp, Home Free

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