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Arden Lambert


November 29, 2022


November 29, 2022


November 29, 2022

Days go by pretty fast now. The merry season is fast approaching, and you can almost hear the sound of ringing bells and Christmas carols. The most famous ones are slowly making their way to radio stations to be heard in homes, cars, offices, and everywhere.

“Auld Lang Syne” is a Scot-language poem written by Robert Burns in 1788. Translating to “old long since,” it is a traditional-tuned piece sung during New Year’s eve to bid goodbye to the old year. The music also symbolizes the significance of endings or beginnings – including graduations, funerals, and as an ending song to occasions. 

To this day, there are several covers and renditions of this piece, but Home Free’s version of “Auld Lang Syne” will give you goosebumps and nostalgic feelings.

In-Home Free’s “Auld Lang Syne”

Home Free’s “Auld Lang Syne” performance in acapella became the listeners’ and fans’ favorite version of the song. Their beautiful and harmonious voices make their rendition a “jaw-dropping” and “spectacular” one that listeners have heard. Their acapella version has captured the sense of the solemnity of bidding the old year goodbye and welcoming the new with renewed strength and outlook.

Comments on their YouTube music video of “Auld Lang Syne” mostly praise how the members’ voices made the listeners cry, reminisce about good old times, and even wish other viewers a prosperous and happy New Year. The reactions to their cover show how soulful and nostalgic it is to most people. 

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Home Free’s other famous Christmas cover songs include “Angels We Have Heard On High,” “O’ Holy Night,” “Do You Hear What I Hear,” and “Christmas Medley.” You might want to add their covers to your Christmas playlist for the upcoming holidays.

Go ahead and spend the new year with your families while listening to Home Free’s “Auld Lang Syne” here.


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