January 6

It’s All Fun and Smokes in Toby Keith’s “Wacky Tobaccy”

Toby Keith tapped into the mature part of his fans as he released his album The Bus Songs, which features songs like “Weed with Willie,” “Brand New Bow,” “Shitty Golfer,” and “Wack Tobaccy.” Some of Toby Keith’s songs focus more on adult humor, drinking, and topics not meant to be broadcast on live radio.

Released in 2017, “Wacky Tobaccy” is a song written by Keith and Scotty Emerick that aims to pay tribute to the use and smoking of marijuana. 

Meaning Behind the Song

As the title implies, Toby Keith’s “Wacky Tobaccy” is an ode to marijuana. The song’s lyrics talk about how to use it and let the feeling overcome and take you.

In Keith’s music video, he smiles as he enjoys playing with his band inside his black tour bus. As he sings his song, the bus slowly fills up with smoke until one of the most famous marijuana advocates in the world shows up, who is none other than Willie Nelson. Nelson enters the bus with a cloud of smoke (while he smoked, too) and picks up a guitar immediately to sing with the others.

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Willie Nelson sits beside Toby Keith as they sing and jam to “Wacky Tobaccy.” Both singers are seen enjoying their time together. Nelson is also seen smoking while playing the guitar and sometimes mouthing the lyrics to Keith’s track.

At the end of the music video, Nelson blows smoke at the camera, and the scene cuts right there.

Check out their wacky jamming in the music video right here.


Toby Keith, Willie Nelson

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