March 5

Loretta Lynn Sings “Ten Thousand Angels” to Praise God

Praising God can come in many ways. Some do this by creating poems, stories, or songs. Also, some of the renowned songwriters write songs about the sacrifices of God. Moreover, a lot of singers interpreted these hymns perfectly. Loretta Lynn is one of the most respected singers in country music. She is regarded as one of its pillars due to her influence and contributions that helped shape country music of today. With that said, it’s right to say that she did a great job in performing the hymn “Ten Thousand Angels.” This song talks about the sacrifices that God has made when He was still on earth. In addition, the lyrics of the song contain phrases about how God loves mankind. If you haven’t heard this song yet, better listen to it for you to be inspired.

Loretta Lynn, ten thousand angels, country music
Photo Credits: Loretta Lynn/Official Facebook Home Page

A Pillar of Country Music, Loretta Lynn

No one could ever forget this woman who popularized the hits “One’s on the Way,” and “First City.” Loretta Lynn started her career as a singer in 1960 and has been successful ever since. Furthermore, this woman has been in the industry spanning almost 60 years and the audience love her a lot. With her long line of career, she was able to sell more than 45 million albums. Lynn also received numerous awards from the Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music. Let’s just hope that she will have a long life to continue producing quality music in the market.

Loretta Lynn/, ten thousand angels, country music
Photo Credits: Loretta Lynn/Official Facebook Home Page

The Hymn of Praise

Ten Thousand Angels” was released in 1968 by the country music singer Loretta Lynn. This gospel song was included on her album entitled Who Says God Is Dead. The song briefly reminds us of how vast God’s love is.

Enjoy the video here!


Loretta Lynn

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