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Top 10 Loretta Lynn Songs Of All Time

Going through Loretta Lynn Songs, it’s clear why the veteran singer is a country music pillar. Spanning over six decades of career, Loretta Lynn is a legend in country music. She has achieved so much that no one can imagine country music without her songs. The Country Music Hall of Famer has received numerous awards and recognitions for her groundbreaking role. 

Lynn’s career started with ‘I’m a Honky Girl,’ an independent recording in 1960. The Country Music Hall of Famer then signed a deal with Decca Records under the big producer Owen Bradley. This deal opened many doors for her to gain the attention of the Country Music Association and Academy of Country Music. Her song spread like wildfire on the airwaves heightening her popularity among listeners. Lynn was famous for many hit songs that earned her 18 nominations on Grammy Awards and has won 3 times. 

Encompassing her entire career, it’s not easy figuring out the best song among all of Lynn’s releases. The Kentucky-born legend created one of the most influential country music catalogs that picking one piece as a favorite is absurd. 

That’s the reason why picking the top 10 best Loretta Lynn Songs is a must.

10. “Happy Birthday”

No, this isn’t about a celebratory greeting. Lynn successfully managed to turn the famous happy greeting into a fun song with a message to an unfaithful lover and a new lady. It’s also like a song where she wishes him well, which translates to her leaving him and no longer feel angry.

9. “Miss Being Mrs.” (Featuring Jack White)

Recorded for the album Van Lear Rose, “Miss Being Mrs” is her project produced by Jack White of the White Stripes. This song has proven how their unique pairing was a success. Fans commented that it’s pretty daring yet rewarding at the same time. It’s no surprise how the song received five Grammy nominations for Best Country Female Vocal Performance and Best Country Song categories. Another trivia for “Miss Being Mrs.” is the veteran singer’s tribute to her late husband.

8. “One’s on the Way”

The beautiful mess of motherhood comes to life on this No. 1 charting title track. “One’s on the Way” was part of Lynn’s 1971 album written by author Shel Silverstein. It tells the story of a pregnant woman living in Topeka, Kansas, who’s having arguments with her brood while envying stars’ fabulous lifestyle like Raquel Welch. Lynn didn’t have a problem portraying the main character as she already had six kids when she recorded this song.

7. “The Pill”

“The Pill” is considered to be the most controversial song of Loretta Lynn. During its release, most people are not open-minded to birth control. It’s the age where movements to advocate women were starting, and so, this has been a real struggle making it a hit. Birth control was taboo during that time and deemed as inappropriate. However, it still came out successful as it helped highlight the need for contraceptives, especially in rural areas. A progressive single like “The Pill” is a must-have on the top 10 list.

6. “You’re Lookin’ At Country”

Loretta Lynn mirrors the story of the country music legend’s life. Being born as the second of eight children in a family below the poverty line, Lynn has many exciting stories to tell. It’s no easy making it big in a cut-throat industry like music, but the feisty country girl made it. She never forgets where she came from, and that’s evident in this song.

5. “Dear Uncle Sam”

Serving in the army or military has its happy and sad sides. Fifty years after it was released, “Dear Uncle Sam” is still relevant today. The sentiments on the lyrics picture a protagonist writing a letter to an imaginary person. She expressed how her beloved takes pride in serving his country. However, it ended with sad news she received through a telegram announcing her beau’s death.

4. “You Ain’t Woman Enough”

Marital problems are a recurring theme among Loretta Lynn’s songs. And this was not an exception. The music, produced by Owen Bradley, is about warning other women to stay away from her husband. It won the CMA’s Female Vocalist of the Year Award after a year of peaking to No. 2 on the charts.

3. “Fist City”

Are you looking for a fierce and empowering anthem? Listen to “Fist City” and hear Lynn insult her husband’s other woman. She holds no bar for this song and even the title hints at what she feels towards the matter. The veteran singer showed on the lyrics that she’s a woman others shouldn’t mess with, thus earning her reputation of an outlaw country inspiration.

2. “Don’t Come Home a Drinkin” (With Lovin’ on Your Mind)’

The country legend experienced many marital problems, which inspired her to write a lot of songs. Her husband, O.V., a.k.a. Mooney, pushed her to pursue a career in music. He fully supported his talented young wife, but that didn’t stop the problems between them. This inspired Lynn to write powerful country songs. Her fans experienced the same woes as her and found the courage to speak out thanks to her music. With this, she became the epitome of a strong woman.

1. “Coal Miner’s Daughter”

Her early life in Kentucky holds the crown among her songs. The pedal steel waltz and buckling banjo on “Coal Miner’s Daughter” song successfully pulls the dramatic yet endearing scenes from her childhood. From receiving a new pair of shoes each winter to reading the Bible by coal-oil light, Lynn reminisces how everything changed when she became an adult. It’s clear through this song that Lynn takes pride in her upbringing.

Other Loretta Lynn Songs To Listen To

Overall, Loretta Lynn’s songs genuinely deserve to be called classics.


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