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“Fist City:” A Song Written Based on Loretta Lynn’s Life

“Fist City” is one of Loretta Lynn’s classic country songs. It shows what a real woman can do when it comes to love. Lynn’s 1968 single was based on an incident in her life. It may sound sad that she has to experience such in her marriage, but it also shows us that she’s one tough woman indeed.

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Where “Fist City” Began

When her career began to take off, she was busy performing in shows and recording songs. This, therefore, left her husband at home with her children. Instead of feeling relieved and happy that her family is safe at home, she heard rumors about women trying to pursue her husband. One particular woman triggered Loretta to write the song “Fist City.”

The Controversial Song Hit the Top of the Chart

When the song was released, it was banned from the radio because of its controversial topic. Before, people prefer to listen to conservative songs, instead of confronting the truth that happens in society. However, despite what people think, it still became a hit single. “Fist City” was welcomed on the top of the US and Canadian country charts.

The Song’s Content

The song serves as a warning to women who are trying to get the narrator’s husband. She explains to them what she’s gonna do whenever someone tries to steal her husband, or flirt with him. Like Lynn, the narrator is one badass woman you can’t mess with or else you’ll get in trouble.

If you don’t wanna go to fist city
You better detour around my town
‘Cause I’ll grab a you by the hair a the head
And I’ll lift off of the ground

Loretta Lynn’s Album

Her “Fist City” single came from her same-titled album in 1968. The album, like her single, went straight up to number one on the chart. In addition, her song “What Kind of a Girl (Do You Think I Am)” was also released as a single and scored a spot on the top ten of the country chart.


Loretta Lynn

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