March 27

Beyond The Grave: Enter Loretta Lynn’s Haunted Hurricane Mills

Loretta Lynn’s haunted Hurricane Mills is a place where the living and the dead coexist. The queen of country music Loretta Lynn always had a colorful life. From her early childhood until now, she has experienced all things, including the paranormal.

Hearing the stories of Loretta Lynn‘s family and staff will give you chills. The ranch is extremely haunted by ghosts and odd occurrences experienced throughout the area. Day or night, the unseen forces that glide through the walls make their presence known.

The country legend’s historic 1800s plantation has active dead Confederate soldiers, a woman in white who mourns for the loss of her child, apparitions, and a former owner that can’t seem to let the ranch go. Interestingly, paranormal activities are spread in every corner. 

When the family first bought the ranch, they didn’t expect the town to come with it. Nevertheless, they wholeheartedly accept it. They also learned how a Civil War battle took place on their land, which explains the ghosts of soldiers they often see. Lynn and her husband renovated the property in the 1960s.

One of the creepiest encounters happened with Anthony Brutto, one of the singer’s grandsons. He recalled in an interview with The Travel Channel in 2003 how the power went out on the whole mansion. Loretta Lynn’s ranch has an old-school set-up where one breaker holds a lot of rooms. Brutto said that when he was rounding in a corner, he was stunned by what he saw. All of the lights were out except for a chandelier that should have been off too. This incident creeps him out up to this day.

Visitors aren’t allowed upstairs at Loretta Lynn Ranch for a reason. There are rooms on the second floor that are a hundred percent haunted. Two of Loretta’s sons, Jack and Ernie, have their fair share of paranormal activities. Jack, particularly, woke up with someone pulling his boots from his feet. He was so sure it was one of the Civil War soldiers who made him run right out of the room.

Several staff and crews of the ranch also hear noises they can’t explain. And as it opened to tourists, paranormal experience occurs even in the middle of a tour. Truly Loretta Lynn’s Haunted Hurricane Mills is the place of exciting horror and mystery.


Loretta Lynn

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