February 26

Here Are Some of The Incredible Things You Can Do At Loretta Lynn’s Ranch


Whether you’ve watched Coal Miner’s Daughter over and over again or read one to two autobiographies, there’s no better way to get to know our favorite country superstar than visiting Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.

The 3,500 acres is located in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee – just an hour outside of Nashville. And it provides many local attractions you can explore, plenty of activities to do and several special events to enjoy all through the year.

1. Enjoy camping with your family and friends.

There are three camping areas at Loretta Lynn‘s ranch: Stagecoach Hill, Boone Hill, and Lower Campground. 

The Stagecoach Hill is the ranch’s premium campground, and it is situated in one of the several stunning hills in the area. The Boone Hill, on the other hand, is just around the main highway, so it will be easy for you to get in and out, while the Lower Campground is the center of many fun activities such as the playground and the ground pool.

But if you’re not fond of sleeping on the hard dirt ground, don’t worry as there are four quaint cabins you can choose from that offer different levels of comfort.

2. Go on tours.

Of course, you can’t miss seeing up-close in person Loretta Lynn’s real life. So, make sure to drop by the 18,000 square foot Coal Miner’s Daughter Museum, where Lynn’s renowned life and illustrious career are kept for all of us to see. 

It is filled with Lynn’s incredible collection – mostly given to her by her close friends. The museum was personally built by the Coal Miner’s Daughter herself and was only completed in 2001.

There’s also the Doll and Fan Museum, which is filled with various dolls and other gifts sent to her by her loyal fans throughout her sixty years in country music. You also need to check out Loretta’s Frontier Homestead, Grist Mill Museum, Native American, and Artifacts Museum.

3. Visit the Butcher Holler Home Replica.

We all know the humble beginnings of Loretta Lynn – growing up as one of the eight children in a poor Kentucky household. And Loretta Lynn’s Ranch is giving us the opportunity to see it personally.

Butcher Holler Home Replica is the most accurate duplicate of the home where Loretta Lynn grew up to become the country superstar she is today. It was carefully designed and built by thoroughly studying Lynn’s previous home in Eastern Kentucky as a child. 

You’ll also get to see several original souvenirs of her and the Webb family at this stunning replica home.

4. Don’t forget to visit the gift shops.

There are several gift shops around the ranch, with Loretta’s Shop and Lady Loretta Boutique being the famous ones.

Loretta’s Shop features the biggest collection of Lynn’s relics and music, such as replica guitars, glassware, and several other memorabilia that makes the ideal gift to every devoted fan of Lynn. Meanwhile, Lady Loretta Boutique is a posh shop found within the Coal Miner’s Daughter Museum, wherein several of the merchandise available were personally picked by Lynn herself.

Loretta Lynn and her husband Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn, together with their six children, moved to Hurricane Mills in 1966. The couple has since opened it to the public and developed it into a full entertainment complex after fans started camping in front of their mansion, hoping they’d get to see the country superstar.

So, the next time you find yourself in Tennessee, make sure you’ll take the journey to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch.


Loretta Lynn

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