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“Natty Light” Calls for Those Who are Natural in Booze and Gab

Roses are red, violets are blue. If you’re broke and want to drink booze, this job is for you.

If you hate it when people try to hit you up with the “classic” clichés, you’re in luck because this newly opened beer beverage company does too. If you like earning money by just drinking or looking after booze, you (yes, you) can apply for an international internship in Natural Light or what they usually prefer the Natty Light”.

What’s in “Natty Light?”

But before you consider applying, let’s have a brief background check. (It’s one of the craziest !) It was first brewed by Anheuser-Busch since its introduction on July 31, 1977. It is a light calorie beer mostly made out of the water, barley malt, cereal grains hops, and yeast.

“Natty Light” climbed the hierarchy of beers in America due to its high ABV amount making it one of the country’s best sellers. “Natty Light” also gained one of the most unimaginable achievements such as the “First Beer in Space” when it was brought to the orbit of space way back in 2011.

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source: naturallight.com

Fancy Becoming an Intern?

Now, let’s go through the requirements. As long as you’re at the right age, (usually 21 in most countries), congratulations! You are qualified! That, and you also have to be cool. Yes, you read that right. Just being cool and being at the right age are the only requirements that one should have to qualify in Natty Light’s remote internship program! Sounds unconventional eh? There’s no need to have on-the-job experiences and that high education you mustered for the right job.

Although being qualified and being responsible are two different things, to give you a quick glimpse, here are the responsibilities you’ll have to keep in mind if you want to be an intern for Natty Light. (It’ll be a long list but at least you get an easy one in if ever you’re up to it).

First, you must be a fan of sporting events, knowing the latest news, and bring Natty Light up the bars. Second, you must have “Gorilla Marketing tactics” or in the normal world, we call it “Guerilla Marketing.” This is to promote the brand in unconventional yet creative ways. Third, one must like to travel a lot (also bring the beer with you, a perfect thirst quencher. But leave some for the clients, too). Fourth is the ability to manage social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Other responsibilities include: being a good advocate or ambassador for the brand, ability to create rather viral or trending content for the brand in common networking sites. The internship does require initiative but always consult or report back to the Brand Manager before doing something. Product research (as you perceive it in your mind, is needed). Weekly vlogging and content designing is needed to attract customers for the brand.

Brand manager Leon also added that ability to spell correctly, attention to detail, and basic knowledge for mathematics, computer, and meme-making gives a significant boost to application approval. One must also be outgoing (not outgoing enough to be considered annoying) and confident enough to represent the brand.

How Much Will You Be Paid

According to Thrillist, applying for the remote internship in Natty Light offers an annual starting salary of $83,200, which gives you roughly $40 per hour. Annually, it may seem the internship program is only around for 8 weeks, meaning that applicants would be getting around $12,800 dollars in that particular duration.

The search for aspiring interns this year has started from April 20 to May 15. Interviews for the survival of the five fittest interns are held via online communications apps such as Skype and Facetime. If chosen, the applicant must respond within 24 hours in order to confirm their internship.

Offices in New York City will be hosting the said internship program for Natty Light which will begin on June 8 to July 31, 2020. If you’re not able to make the cut, there’s still next year.

As crude as this may sound, and given the recent pandemic lockdown, Natty Light opens up opportunities for students and people who were out of jobs to earn by giving them a chance to bring up their talent in advertising that requires unconventional methods. They open up employment equality to both the educated and uneducated by basing the approval for mere self-confidence alone, making their products more loved by people around the globe.


Natty Light

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