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October 31, 2020


October 31, 2020


October 31, 2020

Admiring an artist usually ends as only knowing her professional life, but once she shows a glimpse of her personal life, it brings exciting revelations to fans. In Miranda Lambert’s music video for ‘Settling Down,’ the settings and the characters are real. The MV features how she spends her time with her husband Brendan McLoughlin surrounded by pets and loved ones.

Introducing Her Fun and Cute Self

In a recent interview with Miranda Lambert, she revealed that in her 28th music video for ‘Settling Down,’ everything in it was close to her heart. While her husband Brendan McLoughlin is no news, Lambert’s horse Gibson and her rescue dog Delta Dawn were specially featured. They were shown spending time with them on their farm.

For Lambert, her ‘Settling Down’ music video is a learning experience as she never did anything related to her personal life since her career debut single ‘Charlie and Me’ in the year 2004.

She expressed how in 18 years of her life as an artist, she has been blessed to feature her husband as the first and last love interest in a music video. She described their bonding moments as “cute” and a truckload of fun. They also bond with their ponies and dog in their magical, happy place which is just an hour drive from Nashville.

Love is Also an Adventure

Miranda Lambert also emphasized how her mother called her a ‘wild child and a homing pigeon’ because of her love for adventure. This is also seen in her varying approaches to music. And as for her ‘Settling Down’ MV, she finally took the road where several other artists have been; to let fans take a sneak peek of her personal life; her real self loving the right person.

Co-written by songwriters Natalie Hemby and Luke Dick, and directed by Trey Fanjoy, you will see how ‘Settling Down’ tells a story of being caught in love. And through Miranda and Brendan’s portrayal in the video, it is shared best while fishing, horseback riding, napping in each other’s arms and slow dancing in even the most unexpected places like the kitchen.

In this music video, Miranda Lambert finally revealed how she’s loving her intimate marital life with husband Brendan McLoughlin. Aside from being adventurous, she can be quite loving and sweet too.


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