October 5, 2022

Loretta Lynn, Coal Miner’s Daughter and Country Music Queen, Dies At 90

Loretta Lynn, a woman who fearlessly defied every standard and stereotype and became one of the strongest pillars of country music, died on October 4th, Tuesday at her beloved home in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee. According to a brief statement made by her family, the beloved singer and songwriter passed away peacefully in her sleep, but no cause was cited. She was 90. 

The Queen of Country Music didn’t have it easy creating a career in the genre. 

She was born a coal miner’s daughter, one of eight children who lived a hardscrabble life in Butcher Holler, Kentucky. It was already a tough ascent getting out of dire poverty. She was then married as a teenager and became a mom of four kids before she launched her music career. And in a male-dominated genre like country music, being a woman – and a working mom – became her biggest barrier. 

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But her indisputable talent, undeniable stage presence, and intense grit ultimately led her to establish her own name. And she didn’t waste a single drop of that hard-earned success. 

Loretta Lynn broke barriers and talked defiantly about notoriously conservative subject matters that put women in a disadvantaged position, just like birth control (“The Pill”), child-rearing (“One’s on the Way”), and divorce (“Rated ‘X'”). She got banned from various country music stations, but she never shied away. She wasn’t writing for any man. She wrote for the women. And soon enough, she opened groundbreaking doors for female country performers and redefined the appeal of country music. 

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She was a moment in country music that will never be forgotten. 

Celebrities and artists, including Lynda Carter and Dolly Parton, have shared their messages and thoughts with the unexpected news of her passing. 


Loretta Lynn

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