March 7

“The Pill:” Loretta Lynn’s Most Controversial Song

Being a woman is a difficult task, especially when women’s voices weren’t heard. We are hidden in the shadows, and we are only born to follow what’s given to us. However, those were the old days, and never would we have thought that now, women are stepping up for themselves. This International Women’s Day, we are going to celebrate one of the toughest women in country music, Loretta Lynn.

Loretta Lynn’s “The Pill”

We choose to put her most controversial song “The Pill” on the spotlight. Back when birth control was a conservative topic especially in country music, she speaks of it like it’s a comfortable subject. “The Pill” is a song penned by Lynn, Lorene Allen, Don McHan, and T. D. Bayless in 1972. After recording the song, Lynn’s record label refused to release the song and it was after three years when the song finally came out.

the pill loretta lynn back to country
Photo Credit: Loretta Lynn/ Official Facebook Page


Her song was part of her Back to Country album at first, and then it was soon released as a single. Lynn received a lot of attention from the media because of her song. In some radio stations, “The Pill” was banned to be played on air as it contained a controversial topic not commonly discussed in public.

the pill loretta lynn back to country
Photo Credit: Back to Country/ Decca Records/ Wikipedia

Chart Performance

However, despite this issue, her song became popular. It has reached number five on the Billboard country chart. In addition, “The Pill” scored a spot on the Billboard Hot 100. Lynn’s single surprisingly reached number one on the Canadian Country chart.

About the Song

The song’s controversial topic is about the use of contraception. The narrator thought she’d be living a wonderful and happy life, but year after a year, she gives birth to a child. However, now that she has access to the pill, she finds relief that at least she doesn’t have to suffer while her husband goes out and have fun.

I’m tired of all your crowin’
How you and your hens play
While holdin’ a couple in my arms
Another’s on the way

Lynn’s single gave people some ideas, especially on the rural areas about the use of contraceptives. Therefore, doctors reached out to thank Loretta for her song.

“The Pill” may have been a controversial song before, but now we openly accept it. Furthermore, society is open to the right of women on using birth control to control the increase in population and difficulty of childbirth. Happy International Women’s Day Y’all!


Loretta Lynn

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