July 29

Gabby Barrett’s ‘Footprints On the Moon’ Lets You Dream Big

Have you ever had songs that you personally prefer to listen to during specific seasons of your life? For most of us, music is a key factor that brings relief to us from the troubles and challenges which we go through in our everyday lives. But this does not only go for the fans. The same is true for the artists that write and record songs.

Having a Tough Season?

The American Idol finalists and now one of the new rising country artists, Gabby Barrett will be releasing another fresh single from her upcoming debut album “Goldmine.” For Barrett, the song goes beyond just being a new single out in the market for fans to enjoy. Titled “Footprints on the Moon,” she aims to give her fans a pep talk during these tough times.

Prior to making it as a finalist for the American Idol, Barrett had her own season of proving to herself that she could also leave “Footprints on the Moon.” In the concept video that she released, it reflected the different stages in her life that she’d been through from her day of birth to her American Idol journey. It also had the time when she signed with Warner Music Nashville and her marriage to Cade Foehner. 

The process, however, was not a walk in the park for Barrett. She said that this is a song that she wished would have been available to listen to during the times that she was in a rut, especially when she was still in high school. Nonetheless, “Footprints on the Moon” is an uplifting single that we should all watch out for.

A Walk on the Moon

However, why was Barrett’s newest single titled “Footprints on the Moon?” Barrett simply answered that if someone was even able to step foot on the moon, which is located hundreds of thousands away from the earth, this means that all of us can do anything. Have you ever doubted yourself? I’m pretty sure that all those will slowly fade once you hear Barrett’s new single.

While waiting for the release of her debut album, Gabby Barrett has big dreams for this year. Winning a CMA award is one that she desires to achieve this year.  True enough, Barrett’s career has gotten busier than the past years, and it will get busier in the years to come. For all who love country music, Barrett is an artist that should be on your list of the ‘must listen to’ in the following months.


Gabby Barrett

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