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The Top 40 Country Songs For April 2023 That You Need To Check Out

As expected, Morgan Wallen dominates the top 40 country songs for April 2023 following the release of his third album, One Thing At A Time. The record contains thirty-six songs which he said represent “the last few years of my life, the highs and the lows,” as well as the musical influences that helped shape him as an artist. 

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Meanwhile, Luke Combs also released his most recent project, called Gettin’ Old, with two of his songs from the said album making it to this list. 

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You will find some more great songs here that you should not miss. So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down below for the top 40 country songs for April 2023.

1. Last Night by Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” became his first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart. The slow-burning track gained great traction as Wallen mulled over a complex conversation he had with his lover on what would become their last night together.

2. Rock And A Hard Place by Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman’s meteoric rise continues with his latest chart-topper, “Rock And A Hard Place,” which reached the No. 1 spot in less than 15 weeks on radio. The song also marks Zimmerman’s first Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Songs chart.

3. Thought You Should Know by Morgan Wallen

Wallen co-wrote this heartwarming track as a tribute to his mom, Lesli, alongside country superstars Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon. “Thought You Should Know,” which made a major impact on country radio, comes in the form of a phone call to his mother while the country hitmaker was on tour.

4. You Proof by Morgan Wallen 

Meanwhile, Wallen finds himself drinking away the memory of a broken relationship in “You Proof.” But no matter what time or place he downs his drinks, he cannot get rid of his former lover’s memories.

5. Thinkin’ Bout Me by Morgan Wallen

Here’s another post-breakup song by Wallen, which finds him wondering if his former lover thinks of him whenever she is with her new man. He can’t help but wish that she still has feelings for him.

6. One Thing At A Time by Morgan Wallen

The title track to his new album is symbolic of a project that naturally mixes genres. In this heartbreak ballad, Wallen finds himself in one last desperate attempt to save his relationship. He had given up drinking, smoking, and drugs – still, she left him. It’s a great example of how love and addiction can impact one another.

7. Thank God by Kane Brown With Katelyn Brown

This collaboration between Kane Brown and Katelyn Brown is just one-of-a-kind. It’s amazing how the country crooner gave his wife a moment to shine and show her vocal talent after giving up on her pop career to focus on being a wife and a mom to their adorable girls. 

8. Going, Going, Gone by Luke Combs

This heartbreak song got Luke Combs singing about falling in love with a girl who decided to follow her own path. He knows there’s no way for him to stop her, and it won’t be long before she’s gone. 

9. Something In The Orange by Zach Bryan

Zach Bryan earned a Best Country Solo Performance nomination during the 65th Annual Grammy Awards. The song was also his first entry on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at No. 10.

10. Heart Like A Truck by Lainey Wilson

Lainey Wilson moved from Louisiana to Music City in 2011, which she said was one of the toughest days of her career. She compares her journey to a rusty old truck that she details in this song.

11. What He Didn’t Do by Carly Pearce

Written by Carly Pearce alongside Ashley Gorley and Emily Shackelton, “What He Didn’t Do” is a breakup ballad from a female’s perspective. The song shows Pearce listing down what her lover didn’t do in the relationship rather than detailing what he did to end it.

12. Everything I Love by Morgan Wallen

Don’t we all have someone who we welcome into our lives, introducing them to our favorite places and activities – only to leave us like a cloud of dust, ruining everything we love? Well, this is what this song is all about. 

13. Ain’t That Some by Morgan Wallen

This rap-influenced country track by Morgan Wallen tips one’s hat to the Southern way of life by listing country stereotypes. It even includes jargon southerners use while fishing – such as a honey hole, a specific spot in a body of water perfect for catching fish.

14. Wait In The Truck by HARDY, Featuring Lainey Wilson

HARDY joined forces with Lainey Wilson for a rare murder ballad in the country’s modern era. The intense duet finds the two singers recounting a story of domestic violence and revenge taken by killing the abuser.  

15. Leaf Clover by Luke Combs

Luke Combs looks back at his streak of luck in “5 Leaf Clover,” which is literally quite hard to find. In the song, Combs reflects on the great things in his life, such as his enjoyable job, great friends, a loving wife, and even a fridge filled with a cold beer. 

Here are the rest of the tracks that complete the top 40 country songs for April 2023. Check them out below.

  1. I Wrote The Book by Morgan Wallen
  2. Love You Anyway by Luke Combs 
  3. Man Made A Bar by Morgan Wallen Featuring Eric Church
  4. Cowgirls by Morgan Wallen Featuring ERNEST
  5. Next Thing You Know by Jordan Davis
  6. Wild As Her by Corey Kent
  7. Handle On You by Parker McCollum
  8. ’98 Braves by Morgan Wallen
  9. Sunrise by Morgan Wallen
  10. Tennessee Orange by Megan Moroney
  11. Dawns by Zach Bryan, Featuring Maggie Rogers
  12. Dying Man by Morgan Wallen
  13. Dancin’ In The Country by Tyler Hubbard
  14. Whiskey Friends by Morgan Wallen
  15. Devil Don’t Know by Morgan Wallen
  16. You Didn’t by Brett Young
  17. Neon Star (Country Boy Lullaby) by Morgan Wallen
  18. Human by Cody Johnson
  19. Gold by Dierks Bentley
  20. Born With A Beer In My Hand by Morgan Wallen
  21. Me + All Your Reasons by Morgan Wallen
  22. Tennessee Numbers by Morgan Wallen
  23. Keith Whitley by Morgan Wallen
  24. Hope That’s True by Morgan Wallen
  25. Tennessee Fan by Morgan Wallen

So, which among these tracks from the top 40 country songs for April 2023 are you playing on repeat?


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