‘To love and be loved in return’ – this is one of the best feelings a person would ever want. Apparently, most people are taken aback by situations they don’t expect to happen.

Loving someone is one of the most vulnerable positions in which you can be. You open your heart to another person and your best wish is for him or her to love you in return. Unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale; love isn’t always reciprocated, and it doesn’t always end in a happily ever after.

An example of this unrequited romance is best translated in Conway Twitty and his daughter, Joni Lee Jenkins’ classic duet, ‘Don’t Cry Joni’.

The Song

Written by Conway Twitty, produced by Owen Bradley, and released in 1975, ‘Don’t Cry Joni’ is a duet Conway did with his then sixteen-year-old daughter, Joni Lee. It appeared on his album, High Priest of Country Music, and peaked at no. 63 in the US Billboard Hot 100.

This song talks about a fifteen-year-old girl named Joni who fell in love with a guy, Jimmy who is 7 years older than her.

Joni writes him a note to tell him about her feelings.

Jimmy please say you’ll wait for me
I’ll grow up someday you’ll see
Savin’ all my kisses just for you
Signed with love forever true

But Jimmy basically brushes her off as being too young, and tells her she’ll forget him soon.

Joni, Joni, please don’t cry
You’ll forget me by and by
You’re just fifteen, I’m twenty two
Joni I just can’t wait for you

 He then moves away and goes on with his life, but thoughts of Joni keep entering his mind.

Soon I left our little home town
Got me a job and tried to settle down
But her words kept haunting my memory
The words that Joni said to me

After five years of being away, Jimmy realizes he loves Joni after all. Finally recognizing her love for him, he hurriedly goes back, races over to her house, and pours out his feelings much like she did to him.  To his surprise, he discovers that Joni has married his best friend, John in the years that he’s been gone.

Jimmy Jimmy please don’t cry
You’ll forget me by and by
It’s been five years since you’ve been gone
Jimmy I married your best friend John.

The Impact

Rejection is not pretty. It hurts, and it is never easy. It brings on an onslaught of tears, heartache and self-loathing. But it is not the end of the world.

You move on with your life, fearing you’ll never open your heart that way again. And you also fear no one will be able to steal it again. Perhaps the sun will shine over the dark clouds one day and you will have your moments of hope and faith — hope that it will get better soon and faith that it will all make sense. And the thought that one time, God will give you that someone more than you’ve ever asked for.


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