June 22

Hit the Road for a Long Drive with Brantley Gilbert’s “The Weekend” Song

Brantley Gilbert’s “The Weekend” song tells us there could be many things going on with work or with life throughout the week that everyone is looking forward to a relaxing and refreshing weekend getaway. This is when Saturday means a lot and let go of the whole week’s stress and pressure. “The Weekend” is a great song that even those who were not a fan of Gilbert would find themselves enjoying the song’s lyrics.

“The Weekend” by Brantley Gilbert was released on August 8, 2016. The song was the first single from the album “The Devil Don’t Sleep”. Apparently, many people loved the song as it peaked at its number seven spot on Billboard Country Airplay and number nine on Hot Country Song charts. It was even recorded as one of the top 100 on the Hot 100 chart. And then later, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified it as platinum. It has sold about 303,000 copies by the end of the year 2017. It was a piece of great music full of joy, especially when you got to watch its music video when his wife, Amber, agreed to co-star with him. The music video was a success. The director, Shane Drake, said the acting appears to be natural.

This could be one of Brantley Gilbert songs that would suggest that everyone should take the time to relax with their family and leave the bad days behind. There would always be a time to work hard but be smart and take that day to be refreshed and be ready for the next long workdays. Brantley Gilbert’s “The Weekend” would probably be a good song that would always remind you to be in tune and spend it with family and be happy.

And just as the song said, “Live it up for the weekend.” Get the most out of it as you watch its music video below.


Brantley Gilbert

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