June 22

A Good Reminder from Brantley Gilbert’s “The Devil Don’t Sleep”

Brantley Gilbert’s “The Devil Don’t Sleep” would be one of the songs on your playlist if you are into country music. Being cautious and vigilant against bad decisions is the song’s message, but with the hope that God will lift you. The song was written after recording a few songs. The song was initially planned to be just part of the album, but Gilbert ended making a song around it and became the core of the project. Fans and followers responded positively to it, and it became a hit.

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“The Devil Don’t Sleep” is Gilbert’s fourth album. It was said to be after stepping away from his not-so-good marriage in June of 2015. The song tells the listener that one must be wary of being tempted back into falling to the same pitfall over again. The song is more of a reminder that temptation is all around the corner and will come to you any time, and you won’t be aware of it. This is one of Brantley Gilbert songs that inspires everyone to keep fighting and make smart decisions in life. According to Gilbert, the song was to make him aware that he was an addict. Though he was recovering from it, he will still be marked as an addict. However, it was a good reminder that made him realize that God has blessed him so much in life, and appreciating marriage was fulfilling for him.

Brantley Gilbert‘s “The Devil Don’t Sleep” is about being aware of the traps he was fallen into. It contains all the things that he wants to say to his inner demon. And that he must fight against his bad self and prevent it from yielding into temptation and be cautious on every step he makes. The song is an excellent addition to our country song collection.

Be inspired by the lyrics of the song “The Devil do not Sleep” by Brantley Gilbert in the video below.


Brantley Gilbert

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