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Songwriter Emily Landis Teary-Eyed After Hearing Gabby Barrett’s ‘The Good Ones’


We all have experienced the joy brought by the fulfillment of our biggest dream. It might be being your first car, marrying the person of your dreams or landing your first promotions. Without a doubt, these moments could bring tears to your eyes. Songwriter Emily Landis had the same experience.

A Ride Filled with Emotions

Emily Landis had a literal “ride filled with emotions” when she heard for the first time one of the newest songs she co-wrote for Gabby Barrett. Landis was inside her car and casually scrolling through her favorite radio station when she heard a very familiar tune. It was Gabby Barrett’s, The Good Ones.

As the song came to an end, Landis couldn’t hold her tears back and was just in shock after hearing the song for the first time.

Emily Landis is in Good Company

The rise in airtime for the second single in her goldmine album, “The Good Ones” was pretty close to an undeniable thing for Gabby Barrett. The team of that was front lined by Kale and McCormick who are no strangers to the top of the charts. Kale and Barrett have previously worked before and was able to bag a number one song “I Hope” and for McCormick, he has produced hit songs for Jason Aldean and Brantley Gilbert. For Landis, this could have been one of her biggest chances to blossom as a songwriter.

This Won’t Be the Last

“The Good One” won’t surely be the last song by Emily Landis that we’ll hear on the radio. Right after she finished her Bachelor’s degree at Belmont University in Nashville, she signed a publishing deal with BMG Nashville in 2019. Surely, Landis has placed herself around a good company that will surely help her grow in her career.

Landis has also written some songs for herself. Her reaction to the song as captured in the IG post was her way of affirming her future self that she could do anything. The same goes for every one of us. Your break might not come today, but continue to believe in yourself. Your big break will surely come. For Emily Landis, we can’t wait to hear more of what she can bring to the table.