June 29

An Update on Loretta Lynn: Great News!


An Update on Loretta Lynn: Great News! 1
Loretta Lynn Walking and Talking Again Post-Stroke, Says Brother

Two days ago, we have posted news about the cancellations of the scheduled tours due to her stroke and rehabilitation.  Great news for all of Loretta Lynn fans because we can all take a breath with a sigh of relief for her.  Loretta Lynn’s brother Herman Webb tells the Closer Weekly magazine that she is very much determined despite the postponement of her shows and she is recovering just fine.

Her brother also admitted that she has gone through a couple of setbacks, including immobility on the left side of her body, but that she’s getting better day by day to the best of her ability.

“She can talk, and Loretta told me that she thought she’s going to be okay,” Webb said to Closer Weekly. “Her left side was kind of paralyzed, but [she can get around by] herself now, she just has to use a walker.”

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Webb, 82, adds that making music has been very therapeutic for his 85-year-old sister. “It’s all she lives for,” Herman says.

Although she’s been working hard in a rehab facility and hasn’t spoken out about the incident herself, Webb recently confirmed that Lynn was moving along just fine in her slow but steady recovery process.

 “She seems to be coming along pretty good,” Webb revealed. “She’s doing really good — that’s the main thing!”  And he couldn’t be more thrilled by the progress Loretta is making while receiving rehabilitative care close to Nashville.

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Though a few more of her shows are canceled, her August 24 and 25 shows are still set. It will be held the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on August 24 and 25. To find out more about updates on her tours, just visit her website.  Fans can find out more information about her touring by heading over to her website.

Also, Loretta will host and perform in the Tennessee Motorcycle and Music Revival. This will be a four-day event held at Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tenn. (about 60 miles west of Nashville). Fans will get to enjoy and celebrate music, motorcycles, food, art, entertainment and Southern hospitality as 4,500 on-site campers enjoy 400 acres. This year’s event will take place from Sept. 28–Oct. 1.

Here is a video of Tayla Lynn, Loretta’s granddaughter, who posted a video on Instagram announcing the event while sharing, “Memaw is gonna come down there and sing for ya.”



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