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“Somebody Bigger Than You and I:” All About God’s Greatness

The gospel song “Somebody Bigger Than You and I” became a standard song recorded by different artists, and performed in congregations. This song sends out powerful words about the greatness of God. It reminds us that no matter who we are or how much money we have, no one can be greater and more powerful than God.

somebody bigger than you and I God
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The Standard Gospel Song, “Somebody Bigger Than You and I”

“Somebody Bigger Than You and I” was written in the 50s. The song was penned by three great songwriters, Johnny Lange, Hy Heath, and Sonny Burke. The first known recording of the song was by Ink Spots in 1951. However, some of the most notable versions were recorded by Elvis Presley, Mahalia Jackson, and Whitney Houston.

Check out versions from different artists here.

Mahalia Jackson (1960), from her album I Believe.

Elvis Presley (1967), from his Billboard-charting album How Great Thou Art.

Whitney Houston (1996) recorded the song with Bobby Brown, Faith Evans, Johnny Gill, and Monica and Ralph Tresvant. It was featured as a soundtrack for the movie The Preacher’s Wife.

All About God’s Greatness

God’s power is seen in all the things we experience and see in life. Every simple thing we take for granted or don’t notice are all of God’s miracles. The rain that falls from the sky, the trees, the mountains, everything around us is from God. That is why we can never see ourselves as a bigger person because there is always someone bigger than us. We are not like God who lives forever. Our life is in His hands. Therefore, we will all die someday, and this sets a reminder that we have our limits. There is nothing wrong in admitting that we are only humans and that we cannot be greater than Him, because that’s the truth. The only best thing we can do is surrender ourselves in His arms.

Let’s us be reminded how great our God is, and how all the beautiful things in life came from him.

Who made the mountains, who made the trees
Who made the rivers flow to the sea
And who sends the rain when the earth is dry
Somebody bigger than you and I


Elvis Presley, Mahalia Jackson, Whitney Houston

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