My Heart Is Open - Keith Urban


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December 8, 2022


December 8, 2022


December 8, 2022

Three years after he checked himself into a rehab center in Palm Springs, California – where he spent 90 days receiving treatment for addiction and alcoholism – Keith Urban embraced a wholly brand-new life. The peace and serenity he found were evident in his 2009 album Defying Gravity, more particularly in the romantic ballad “My Heart is Open.”

Here’s How The Romantic Ballad Came to Life

In an interview, the country star revealed that the idea of the song came from a personal experience. During the early stages of his relationship with his wife, Nicole Kidman, he asked her how her heart was – to which she answered that it was “open.” 

Her response has taken him aback. He felt it was a brave thing to admit, so Keith Urban thought, “What a great way for a heart to be.” Of course, he also knew it was something that should go to his music catalog. 

Urban wrote “My Heart is Open” with songwriter and record producer John Shanks. It tells the story of a man who believed he was doing all right being alone, but not until one woman came into his life. Now, he has opened his heart and is more than willing to let her in. After all, she gives her reason and faith to start again, and her love is enough for his healing.

Truly, “My Heart is Open” is one of the most uplifting tracks found in Defying Gravity. Other songs by Keith Urban found in the album are “Only You Can Love Me This Way,” “Sweet Thing,” “Kiss A Girl,” and “Thank You,” which was an ode to his wife.

Tune in and play the video below to listen to “My Heart is Open” by Keith Urban.


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