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15 Keith Urban Songs That Helped Him Become The Country That He Is Today

Keith Urban songs are definitely one of the biggest and most successful hits in country music. 

With a career spanning a little over thirty years, the singer-songwriter has been writing and recording some of the best tracks in recent Nashville history, entertaining fans with his crystal-clear voice through songs that range from upbeat summer tunes to heartbreaking ballads.

Here are some of our favorites! 

1. “Somebody Like You” 

From: Golden Road (2002)

Being awful at relationships, Keith Urban has said he wrote “Somebody Like You” because he was making the effort of loving himself like the others around him loved him.

The superstar revealed the fruition of the country ballad. He said that while he was writing songs about love and relationships, he played one to his girlfriend at that time. However, she told him he was a hypocrite. It was then that Urban realized he’s been writing “from all these places of the kind of person I wished I could be.” He wasn’t that person, but it’s who he wanted to be.

2. “You’ll Think of Me” 

From: Golden Road (2002)

“You’ll Think of Me” sings about a failed relationship and all the misery that goes along with it.

With rhymes and images falling seamlessly into place – bleeding emotional pain and honesty –it reached No. 1 with a two-week stay on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. The heartbreaking ballad was also among Urban’s first crossover hits, peaking at No. 2 on Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart.

3. “Days Go By”

From: Be Here (2004)

The country superstar kicked off his 2004 album Be Here with another iconic hit, “Days Go By.”

Co-written by Urban, it reached the top of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart – enjoying a four-week stay at that position. The song that started with an acoustic guitar phrase delivers a message of making the most of the present time – as played off its title phrase.

4. “Blue Ain’t Your Color”

From: Ripcord (2016)

The smooth, bluesy song about a man watching a lonely woman at a bar quickly became a hit – cruising all the way to the No. 1 spot of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart. 

But more than its chart success, “Blue Ain’t Your Color” was also critically acclaimed. It earned two Grammy nominations while taking home both the CMA Award for Single of the Year and the American Music Award for Favorite Country Song.

5. “Til Summer Comes Around”

From: Defying Gravity (2009)

Urban found himself remembering the times when he and his lover would enjoy those carnival rides whenever the boardwalk was open during the summertime. As the song went on, it was revealed that he has stayed in the town for many years, waiting for her to come back.

6. “You Look Good In My Shirt”

From: Greatest Hits: 18 Kids (2007)

The lighthearted song about hooking up with an old flame has been a crowd favorite at Urban’s concerts for several years. It was planned to be released as the final single from the country singer’s 2002 album Golden Road; however, it had been withdrawn before it could have been promoted as a single.

Urban re-recorded the song six years later, and it became his first No. 1 country hit after three years.

7. “Making Memories Of Us”

From: Be Here (2004)

Although Urban wasn’t the first artist to record this song, his rendition is among the more moving and romantic versions that it quickly reached the top of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs charts. “Making Memories of Us” held the No. 1 position for five weeks.

8. “Sweet Thing”

From: Defying Gravity (2009)

This catchy song about first dates and young summer love helped the country superstar win his third Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance. 

When Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban tied the knot in 2006, the groom sang this song during the ceremony.

9. “Raise ‘Em Up”

From: Fuse (2013)

When Urban joined forces with Eric Church, it was nothing but goodness. The two country superstars sing about the different things being “raised up” – including a lighter during a concert, one’s voice, and finally, a family.

10. “The Fighter” 

From: Ripcord (2016)

Blowing fans away with another all-star collaboration, the uptempo song, “The Fighter,” features Carrie Underwood wherein they both sing about a man putting his woman at ease by telling her that he’s it in for the long haul.

11. “Tonight I Wanna Cry” 

From: Be Here (2004)

While most of Urban’s songs were based around his excellent guitar playing, this heart-wrenching song features an incredibly effective piano figure as he turned the track “Tonight I Wanna Cry” into one of the darkest sorrowful ballads in his career.

12. “But for the Grace of God” 

From: Keith Urban (1999)

Released from Urban’s self-titled debut album, “But For The Grace of God” became his first No. 1 country hit.

13. “Put You in a Song” 

From: Get Closer (2010)

Co-written by Urban, the song tells the tale of a poor man who is in love with an unreachable girl, and the only way to get closer to her is to put her in a song – in such a manner, he’d be able to take her with him wherever he goes.

14. “Who Wouldn’t Wanna Be Me” 

From: Golden Road (2003)

The song represents the whole lot fans have grown to love about Urban’s signature sound. So, this list will never be complete without this upbeat country rocker.

15. “Cop Car”

From: Fuse (2013)

Although Urban did not write the song, it perfectly matches his deep feelings as an artist, so it might as well have been. The song tells the tale of two young lovers who were arrested after trespassing together – they ended up falling in love with each other at the back of a cop car. 

How about you? Which among Keith Urban songs are your favorites?


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