June 26

Loving Oneself in Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You”

Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You” is the song of love to self. Urban admitted that he wrote the song with the thought that he was trying to love himself just like other persons who have loved him. He added that by the time he finished the song and sang it to his girlfriend at that time, she said he was a hypocrite writing such a song. That was when he realized that the person in the song was the one he wanted to be. He recalled thinking that his life was a disaster. So, as you listen to the song and hear every word of it, you will surely see Urban being truthful about how he felt for himself.

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The song “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban was released in July of 2002, and it was a number one hit on the US Hot Country Songs for six consecutive weeks. Later it reached its spot 23rd on the Billboard Hot 100 and even tagged it as the number one country song of the 21st century. In 2005, it sold 1.05 million copies, and the RIAA made it a 2x Platinum-certified and Gold certified by the Australian Recording Industry Association. This is one of Keith Urban songs that became famous in other countries, and in 2014 it was introduced in the German music world by Shady Sheha and climbed its place at 97 on German Single Charts.

Country music is one good genre, and Keith Urban’s songs will never get out of every music playlist, and the song also has a good message for everyone. There is nothing more important than knowing self-worth. Loving yourself first would mean giving enough love to others. So, if you haven’t listened to it yet, the song could definitely help you understand self-love. It is available on Youtube and even in any music stores online. So, use your gadgets and play Keith Urban’s “Somebody Like You” in the video below.


Keith Urban

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