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Jimmie Rodgers is “Lonely and Blue” in His Song for a Reason


Jimmie Rodgers, also known as the father of country music, has always produced great songs. Some of his notable tracks are the Blue Yodel series, “Waiting for a Train” and “I’m Lonely and Blue.”

Unfortunately, the singer died at an early age due to tuberculosis. The legacy he left was quite significant as he was known to be the first country music star.

jimmie rodgers, lonely
via Getty Images/Jim McCrary / Contributor

Jimmie Rodgers’ Legacy

Jimmie Rodgers left a big mark being the first huge country star. His style of singing (yodeling) and his creative mix of folk and ballad into his performances left a great impression on the country scene. During the peak in his career, the singer was diagnosed with tuberculosis. As a performer, he thought that he should be professional and continue his tours as he is just at the right moment of stardom.

Many believed that this cost the chances of the singer to recover and his health declined. When the country music Hall of Fame was established, he was the first to be inducted. He was also inducted into The Songwriters’ Hall of Fame as a testament of his brilliance in writing songs. His life might have been short-lived but his impact on country music is long-lasting.

jimmie rodgers, lonely
via Screen grab from YouTube

Lyrics Breakdown

You promised you’d be just mine, sweetheart
That you and I would never part

A lot of traditional country music has this theme. A man feels bad about himself because he got left behind by someone that he dearly loves. Feeling sad and hopeless is a universal feeling. Almost everyone has experienced it at some point in their life. It is a heart-breaking moment so I guess this is why most of the songs back then (and today) were all about it.

A song will most likely be remembered when everyone can relate to it. Songwriters want their listeners to feel the strong emotions that are being conveyed in a track. So whether it be happy or sad, it is usually done in an over-the-top manner so that it will be remembered by the people, and this track is a perfect example of it.

Listen to this Jimmie Rodgers-track here:

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