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George Strait Cools Down Smoldering Angry Women As “The Fireman”

George Strait + The Fireman

The King of Country and “The Fireman,” George Strait, made rounds all over town and put out old flames in 1985. But instead of extinguishing actual fires, he was cooling down all the angry women. 

Released as the third and final single off his album Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind, the song became one of his many signature hits. That is, it showcased his smooth vocals and witty charm along with a catchy melody paired with the honky-tonk instrumentation and cleverly playful lyrics. And as such, it wasn’t surprising that it charted at number 5 in the Billboard US Hot Country Songs and snatched a Top 10 position in Canada. 

Meaning Behind the Song

“The Fireman” was written by Mack Vickery and Wayne Kemp and produced by George Strait himself with Jimmy Bowen under MCA. 

“Hey, they call me the fireman, that’s my name,” Strait opens the song with the chorus. He then goes on to describe his duty – making rounds all over town, puttin’ out old flames, cool them down when they’re smolderin’ hot. You might think he’s fighting fires, but you’d be wrong. It’s a clever wordplay. He’s talking about women, specifically angry women who had just a big fight with their partners. 

After that, he tells the story about how his buddy walked out on his woman who was burnin’ out of control. In an hour, he was there with a little mouth-to-mouth, and she was ready to go. And that’s how he puts out the fire. 

Then swagger Strait straight up goes for a witty – and cocky – ad for himself, saying, “In a minute or less, I can be dressed fit to kill / I work 24 on and 24 off / When they get too hot, they just give me a call.” His name is the fireman, and he has a fire-engine and red T-bird automobile. 

The song’s humor – brought by the double entendres – paired with the danceable rhythm and catchy melody showcased a lighthearted charm that country music fans undeniably enjoyed. Catch “The Fireman” by George Strait in the video below.