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George Strait Songs That Made A Permanent Mark On Country Music

Exactly forty years ago, the country radio was blessed with George Strait’s warm baritone and easygoing, conversational style of singing. But he did not only storm the airwaves but also the nation’s hearts. George Strait songs were able to go against the pop-inflected sounds heard on the radio at the time and made him the King of Country Music. 

Over the years, Strait charted sixty No. 1 hits, released record-breaking albums, won so many awards that you’d lose count, and became a Country Music Hall of Famer. But the figures are just one measure of the Texas native’s impact. His catalog – which is filled with his love for traditional country sounds – actually preserved the genre’s traditional streak, driving home what is now practically a universal concept of real country music.

Let’s take a look at some of George Strait‘s best hits.

1. “I Cross My Heart”

From: Pure Country (1992)

Strait’s “I Cross My Heart” is definitely among the most tender songs ever released. In fact, you’ll probably hear it at almost every country wedding you’ll go to, with newlyweds dancing to it in celebration of their eternal love.

2. “All My Ex’s Live In Texas”

From: Ocean Front Property (1987)

One of Strait’s most covered songs tells the funny story of how a man had to flee to Tennessee after a string of failed relationships with women ended terribly in Texas – where he lived most of his life.

3. “You Look So Good In Love”

From: Right or Wrong (1983)

In the song “You Look So Good In Love,” Strait finds himself looking at his old lover falling in love with another man and realizes just how happy she is now that she’s found true love. Though he feels remorseful and heartbroken for not being the one to make her happy, he understands that it wasn’t meant to be.  

4. “Check Yes Or No”

From: Strait Out of the Box (1985)

Strait tells the charming love story of two children falling in love in “Check Yes Or No.” It started with the little girl writing the boy a letter to ask him if he has feelings for her. She told him to give his answer by ticking off the boxes labeled “Yes” or “No.”

At the end of the song, it was revealed that the two kids end up marrying each other later in life.

5. “Amarillo By Morning”

From: Strait From The Heart (1982)

“Amarillo By Morning” turned out to be a big hit for Strait and propelled him to stardom. It tells the tale of a rodeo cowboy and his life on the road.

6. “Carrying Your Love With Me”

From: Carrying Your Love With Me (1997)

Strait instilled an abundance of endless love and longing for your significant other in this passionate song about a brokenhearted man who tells the woman he loves that he will continue carrying her love with him wherever he may go.

7. “The Cowboy Rides Away”

From: Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind (1985)

Strait has continued treating his fans with mesmerizing music, including this 1985 hit which follows a cowboy riding away from a failed relationship.

8. “Love Without End, Amen”

From: Livin’ It Up (1990)

Strait goes to the heart of being a father in “Love Without End, Amen.” Though he didn’t actually write the song, it parallels Strait’s life as he keeps a very close bond with his son, Bubba.

9. “Here For A Good Time”

From: Here For A Good Time (2011)

George Strait’s son has actually co-written most of his more recent songs, and this includes the 2011 country hit. It debuted at No. 29 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs charts, making the second-highest debut of Strait’s career.

10. “Código”

From: Honky Tonk Time Machine (2018)

Strait sings about his own Código brand of tequila in this smile-inducing ballad. It comes with a traditional music video featuring George Strait’s wife of fifty years, Norma Jean.

11. “Troubadour”

From: Troubadour (2008)

The country legend definitely knows how to make songs seem like it was from his real-life experience, and it’s evident in “Troubadour.”

12. “Ocean Front Property”

From: Ocean Front Property (1986)

This chart-topping country ballad finds Strait having some fun at his own expense, accepting just how horrible a liar he is by packing up fake bravado for comic effect.

13. “I Saw God Today”

From: Troubadour (2008)

Strait has regularly shown how he’s able and willing to cleverly change his approach to country music, just like in this inspirational single, which became the highest-debuting song of his career.

14. “Give It All We Got Tonight”

From: Love Is Everything (2013)

With its “very unusual melody and very cool phrasing,” Strait said he was quickly drawn to the song, which became his 60th career No. 1 at the age of 60.

15. “Fool Hearted Memory”

From: Strait from the Heart (1982)

Released as the first single off his second studio album, Strait From the Heart, the song was included in the soundtrack of the 1982 film The Soldier, where Strait also had a small cameo.

More George Strait Songs From His Exceptional Catalog

As the record holder for chart-toppers across all genres, it’s definitely challenging to choose among his best songs. So, we’ll highlight a few more.

  • “The Chair”
  • “Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind?”
  • “I Just Want to Dance With You”
  • “I Can Still Make Cheyenne”
  • “You Know Me Better Than That”
  • “Baby’s Gotten Good At Goodbye”
  • “The Best Day Of My Life”
  • “Blue Clear Sky”
  • “It Just Comes Natural”
  • “You Can’t Make a Heart Love Somebody”

So, how do you like our list of George Strait songs?


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