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“Amarillo by Morning:” The Original Version by Terry Stafford


George Strait is a phenomenal singer. His song “Amarillo by Morning” was one of the songs that put him into the spotlight, and became his signature song. Strait took the song to number four on the country chart, and number one on the Canadian country chart. Even though it was not originally his, a lot of people associated it to him. But who really owns the song? Was it a chart-topper too like Strait’s version? Let us find out.

terry stafford george strait amarillo by morning
George Strait made “Amarillo by Morning” his song. Photo via kshb.com

The Origin of “Amarillo by Morning”

Strait recorded the song in 1982, but the original recording of this hit single dated back ten years ago. Songwriters Terry Stafford and Paul Fraser penned the song for Stafford to record it. He made his recording the B-side of his album, but fans loved it. Therefore, he was forced to make it A-side. Stafford’s version had secured spots on the chart, although not that high as Strait, it was still a huge success for him.

Here’s Stafford’s version:

What do you think of Stafford’s version? Did you like it or do you prefer Strait’s cover?

George Strait singing “Amarillo by Morning.”

All About the Song

This country ballad will remind us that despite all the things we have, happiness cannot be measured by it. True happiness, as the narrator of the song said, is being wild and free. It is not letting yourself get attached to the things you own. True happiness is appreciating the simple things in life like the laughter of a child, time with family and friends, and anything that makes life worthwhile.

I ain’t got a dime but what I got is mine
I ain’t rich but Lord I’m free
Amarillo by mornin’
Amarillo’s where I’ll be

As you can see, the narrator mentioned the hardships in his life, but those things didn’t hold him back to find himself. Just like him, may we find our true happiness, not in the things we own but with the people we have, the places we see, or the simple things we take for granted.

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