January 21

High Valley is Back on Ground Zero, Releases ‘Grew Up On That’ EP

One of the rising themes among country music lovers, artists, and fans alike is their longing for their hometown or the people they missed. Two good examples are Laine Hardy’s ‘Tiny Town’ and Luke Comb’s ‘Nothing Like You.’

But unlike the usual nostalgia approach, High Valley’s brothers Brad and Curtis Rempel did something along the lines of the same territory which all can be seen in their new single ‘Grew Up On That.’

Reliving their Childhood

Inspired by their childhood experiences in the rurality of Alberta, Canada, High Valley’s new single isn’t about nostalgia. It’s about living a life through the specific imagery that they have transformed into a song, enough to make their listeners live another childhood, not their own, but the brothers’.

Through its autobiographical approach and profile, ‘Grew Up On That’ had become the title track of High Valley’s EP in its 2020 album. It talks about the brothers’ experiences in a small town where they have been fed big-values and where they held precious memories and grow up an artist.

The six-track EP showcased their signature and bluegrass-tinged country music which made a subtle appearance on their title track, and a chorus focusing on one of their bluegrass heroes, Ricky Skaggs.

Skaggs as a Big Brother

Ricky Skaggs was more than a mentor to them, but almost like a brother. He taught the duo the basics of the music they use in the big world. When they arrived in Nashville, he fixed the duo’s broken mandolin and had given them a firm shoulder to lean on in their time of need. These are only a few references the brothers made in ‘Grew Up on That’ about Skaggs.

Aside from the title track, one of the songs included in their EP is ‘Your Mama’ co-written by Florida Georgia Line and Tyler Hubbard. But as Hubbard expects a blessing on his way, the group’s plan for Florida George Line to mark the song’s release was given back to him.

  • Grew Up On That (Brad Rempel, Ben Stennis, Jaron Boyer)
  • Your Mama (Ben West, Tyler Hubbard, Josh Miller, Troy Verges)
  • River’s Still Running (Brad Rempel, Randy Montana, Corey Crowder)
  • Northern Star (Brad Rempel, Matt Rogers, Ben Stennis)
  • One Day You’ll Get It (Brad Rempel, Derrick Southerland, Ben West)
  • Show Me The Way (feat. Jillian Edwards) (Brad Rempel, Daniel Tashian, Tenille Nadkrynechny)

‘Grew Up on That’ EP is available for stream and purchase on social media platforms worldwide.


High Valley

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