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Miranda Lambert’s Top 10 Country Songs

As we feature Miranda Lambert’s Top 10 album cuts, we’ll get to experience how this multi-time Female Vocalist of the Year on Country music does her business. In this case, it has something to do with some of her #1 Platinum hits where the majority include her chart-cracking entries.

Today’s country music defines the genre the same way as its forebears as it focuses mainly on love, heartbreak, and other daily life experiences which most of us share. And with seven of Lambert’s albums revolving around these three themes, it’s undeniable that she is one of the most important proponents when it comes to country music. She is also some sort of an innovator when it comes to her field. Whenever she launches something out of the blue, we all know that she’ll definitely rock it.

10. White Liar

This entry hits the top 5 and one of Lambert’s debut songs. It mostly revolved around her journey as a beginner artist and the impulsiveness she possessed. It covers the gentle way of getting revenge and reveals the little devil side off of Lambert. This single was released on September 2009.

9. Mama’s Broken Heart

Lambert admits this song is among the best in her 2011 ‘Four the Record’ album. The song itself is really catchy and talks about the suffering of a person when dealing with breakups, yes including men, even though they don’t like admitting it. It shows how a person has fantasies over someone and its theme is extremely relevant to the Quentin Tarantino movie.

8. Automatic

Automatic is one of Lambert’s Platinum singles and by far has the longest airplay on the radio. The song focuses on nostalgia where she is in a certain stage of her life in every verse of the song.

7. Kerosene

Her appeal in this single is way-off in the current style of the mid-2000s, but as her 2006 song gets more appreciated by people listening to her music, it snagged the top 20 of the gold records and managed to give off an impression on her style on doing her music. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

6. All Kinds of Kinds

This single suddenly changed the crowd’s impression on Lambert, as its theme is so startling but loving. The sudden change only gave this song a #20 spot on the records while her songs are all coming into the #1 spot. Nonetheless, this single is one of her most played singles when she sings on tour.

5. Bluebird

Her 2020 entry is her #1 platinum single in six years. Included in her album, Wildcard, the appeal of her music primarily revolves on the straightforwardness that people should have. There was no drama. Just an all-out expression of her thoughts and feelings.

4. Over You

This single is a tear-jerker. It’s dedicated to the brother of her now ex-boyfriend Blake Shelton who was killed in a car accident. With this song combined with the artistry of Lambert, she is capable of making people misty-eyed upon their first hearing.

3. Tin Man

This song hurts. Lambert hurts and probably you, too. This single is about one’s suffering when it comes to breakups and heartbreaks. The plotline of the song may be fictional, but the experiences portrayed in the cover are seen in real life.

2. Gunpowder and Lead

This single is the first song Lambert got ranking in the #1 of the Platinum. The lyrics, with the killer guitar solo, can make any man terrified of her. Lyrics may be part of it but without Lambert’s skill in conveying the required ‘feels’ in the song, it would not have reached the charts.

1. The House That Built Me

This 2009 single was career-defining for Miranda Lambert. It’s not as wild as the other songs, but it does touch a different part of emotion for people to feel. Although this single is too powerful, this is the only single that she didn’t release for radio play.


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