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July 17, 2022


July 17, 2022


July 17, 2022

Being born into a musical family from Kirksville, Missouri, playing music has been as natural as breathing air to Rhonda Vincent. Fans have hailed her the Queen of Bluegrass – which she deservedly so! Rhonda Vincent songs have helped her bagged eight nominations from Grammy Awards, where she won Best Bluegrass Album in 2017. Three years later, she was inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry.

She really has an extraordinary career. Now, let’s take a look at some of her greatest hits so far. Keep on scrolling below!

1. I Give All My Love to You

From: Good Thing Going (2008)

Rhonda Vincent wrote this song as a surprise to her friend – and fan club president – Julia. The country singer took the task of planning Julia’s wedding, so she penned her a special song she would sing during the ceremony. 

The romantic ballad sings about finding love that a woman has long passionately waited. Now, she’s ready to share her heart and start her life anew with this special someone.

2. Only Me

From: Only Me (2014)

Vincent teamed up with Willie Nelson for this Bluegrass number. Vincent thought “Only Me” was reminiscent of Nelson’s classic “On the Road Again,” and she knew it would be a special treat to have the country legend in. Indeed, it was as Nelson played guitar riffs from his country classic that he doesn’t do very often or perhaps has never done that before. Vincent can’t help but be thrilled. 

3. His Promised Land

From: Sunday Mornin’ Singin’ (2012)

Vincent wrote the first four lines of this acapella song while performing at Las Vegas and they stuck with her for years until she met fellow country singer Lisa Shaffer, who helped her finished the song. She recorded it at her home church in Greentop, Missouri – and ever since then, it has been moving to their feet. Vincent said the song is one of her proudest achievements as a songwriter.

4. Heartbreaker’s Alibi

From: All American Bluegrass Girl (2006)

Vincent joined forces with none other than Dolly Parton for this story-driven ballad about a cheating playboy – and the result was nothing but phenomenal. The two talented female artists blend beautifully together in stunning harmonies. What’s even more interesting is the equally fierce music video that accompanies it.

5. Like I Could

From: Music Is What I See (2021)

With her vintage country-bluegrass voice, Vincent gorgeously captured the toughest and most painful aspects of a love gone wrong. It comes with a music video that starred Vincent along with her award-winning band, and real-life husband.

6. I Heard My Savior Calling Me

From: Destination Life (2009)

This inspiring hymn, “I Heard My Savior Calling Me,” finds Vincent singing about God’s calling and how it can greatly influence our lives. While a man can think that he can go on neglecting the calling of the Lord, he might think otherwise when everything gets gone right in front of him.

7. I Ain’t Been Nowhere

From: Music Is What I See (2021)

Thanks to its wordy, tongue-twister lyrics, the song has been such a hit. Vincent even admits to using a teleprompter whenever she sings that song until she has finally memorized it all. She worked on memorizing the song through a series of Facebook Lives together with her fans.

8. One

From: American Grandstand (2017)

In 2017, Vincent and country music singer Daryle Singletary collaborated to record the duet album, American Grandstand. It actually features a blend of brand-new material and covers of country classics – and their take on this George Jones and Tammy Wynette duet truly stood out. It showed off Vincent and Singletary’s individual talents while delivering an engaging mix of conventionality and modernism. 

9. Just for Old Time’s Sake

From: A Dream Come True (1990)

The song first came to public listener’s attention when Elvis Presley released it as a single in 1973. Nearly two decades later, Vincent released her version as a duet with country legend Jim Ed Brown. The two singers stunningly harmonized and traded verses, and there’s nothing we can do but fall in love with it.

10. Drivin’ Nails in My Coffin

From: The Storm Still Rages (2001)

This breakup song about a man who has been drinking booze first became a hit for Ernest Tubb in 1945. Since then, it’s been covered by several country acts – including the Osborne brothers, Asleep at the Wheel, and of course, Vincent.

More Rhonda Vincent Songs From Her Extraordinary Career

Truly, Rhonda Vincent is one of a kind. Today, she perseveres in creating, performing, and recording excellent music. She continues to show how multitalented an artist she is. Check out some more of her songs below.

  • Thinking About You
  • Kentucky Borderline
  • If Heartaches Had Wings
  • You Can’t Take It With You When You Go
  • I’ve Forgotten You
  • I’m Not Over You
  • What Else Could I Do
  • What More Do You Want from Me
  • I Sang Dixie
  • My Sweet Love Ain’t Around
  • Don’t Lie
  • I’m Not Over You
  • All American Bluegrass Girl
  • I Gotta Start Somewhere
  • Stop the World (And Let Me Off)

So, what do you think of these Rhonda Vincent songs?


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