June 11

Josh Turner Avoids Being Sinful with his Gospel Hit “For the Love of God”

Josh Turner is becoming one of the few artists of today who write and record gospel songs. His gospel hits are “I Saw the Light,” “Great Is Your Faithfulness,” “I Pray My Way Out of Trouble,” and “I Serve a Savior.”

“For the Love of God” is very similar to his other classic gospel songs. He wrote this himself and it is part of his Punching Bag album. He wrote most of the songs in his newly built log cabin on the property behind his home.

josh turner For the Love of God
via Josh Tuner’s official Facebook page

Behind Josh Turner’s “For the Love of God”

The song has an upbeat vibe to it. This is a bit different from what we usually hear from other gospel hits which are kind of solemn. Josh Turner wanted to add an additional flare to the song and make it joyous. It does come across as something joyous when you listen to the song.

josh turner
via Screengrab from Youtube

The song also features bluegrass legend, Ricky Skaggs. Josh Turner is apparently a big fan of Skagg’s album and he was gushing about how impressed he was by the singing style of Ricky. He was inspired by Skaggs’ style of music in his album Solo. When he wrote the song “For the Love of God,” Turner already knew that he had to invite Skaggs for the recording.

Lyrics Breakdown

Some folks do anything for money
Cheat and lie and steal
Won’t even take the time to go to church on Sunday
But they got plenty of time to make a deal

This particular line of the song speaks volumes to me as an audience. Sometimes, we forget the bad things that we do for a lot of reasons. I will not act like I know all the reasons why people do what they do, but the sad thing is we forget about the consequences of our action.

josh turner
Photo Credits: Josh Turner/Official Facebook Home Page

Josh Turner’s song is a reminder that with the love that we have from God, we can turn things around. With the Lord’s guidance, we can be enlightened and bring more positivity in this world. 


Josh Turner

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