July 12

Loretta Lynn’s “You Ain’t Woman Enough” Re-imagined by Post Modern Jukebox

Loretta Lynn has an amazing song called “You Ain’t Woman Enough.”  The message of the song is very timely for today’s political climate with the feminist movement uprising.  If you want to hear Loretta’s original version of the song, click here. 

Post Modern Jukebox recently did a cover of this amazing song. For those of you who have never heard of their group, well, they are a band that has a YouTube account. They do covers of all types of music and they make it a little bit jazzy.

loretta lynn, post modern
Photo Credits: Loretta Lynn/ Official Facebook Home Page

Loretta Lynn Re-imagined

Post Modern Jukebox has a special way of doing their cover. They have been very successful with their covers that they have accumulated a total of 1.2 billion views. They rarely do country music, so their performance of Loretta Lynn’s song is quite special.

Three ladies performed the song. The two of them were in charge of the instruments while the other one is in charge of the vocals. The lead singer has the same tune as Loretta, and when they reached the chorus, it is where the magic happened. They harmonized really well and it gave a new sound to Loretta Lynn’s song.

loretta lynn, post modern
via Screengrab from YouTube

You Ain’t Woman Enough

The song is iconic in all aspects. It was released way back in 1966 but the significance of the song is still felt today. It is an empowering song about a woman knowing her worth and knowing that no one can take her man from her. She knows that she gave all of her love to her man that it became impossible for him to leave her.

loretta lynn, post modern
via Loretta Lynn’s official Facebook Page

The track is a good confidence booster for all the women out there who continuously doubt themselves. Loretta Lynn reminds us how to be a strong, confident woman in her song and that is admirable.

Listen to Post Modern Jukebox’s performance here:


Loretta Lynn

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