Scott Southworth + I Ain't Leaving Town


Riley Johnson


February 20, 2024


February 20, 2024


February 20, 2024

In 2018, rising country music artist Scott Southworth released his breakout single “I Ain’t Leaving Town” featuring Bobby Marquez as part of his album, Hey Hillbilly Singer!

With various modern musical genres popping out nowadays, song releases about loving country music are rare to come by. But, through new artists of the 21st century, the spirit of country music keeps living on.

Scott Southworth, an award-winning Nashville-based performing artist, made his debut in 2011, and since then, he has produced and released countless amazing albums throughout his career. 

Among them is his 2018 album “Hey Hillbilly Singer!” which was awarded the “Pure Country Album of the Year” by the Academy of Western Artists and the “Horizon Award for Country Album” by the NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International), making it as one of Scott Southworth’s best releases. 

In the long list of tracks included in the album, “I Ain’t Leaving Town” became a favorite. Aside from its catchy tune, the song was also written in a creative, conversational way, which got fans hooked.

Meaning Behind the Song

Written by Scott Southworth himself, “I Ain’t Leaving Town” is a song that truly encapsulates Scott Southworth’s love for country music. 

The song embodies the resurgence of traditional twang that country music has, as it simply spells out Southworth’s philosophical approach to country music. In the song, the protagonist states that no matter how many new genres start popping out, he will never turn his back on country music.

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For him, no matter how much they try shooting him out, he would never leave town since as long as he can plug in and play his guitar, country music is here to stay. 

So, if you want to feel the twang of traditional country music, you can listen to Scott Southworth featuring Bobby Marquez’s song “I Ain’t Leaving Town” below. 


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