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25 Best Country Songs About Home and Hometowns You Should Listen To 

25 Best Country Songs About Home and Hometowns You Should Listen To

Nothing beats home. As many say, home is where the heart is. It’s one of the greatest places to create lasting memories. It gives us that unique sensation of coziness and warmth that we can’t possibly find anywhere else. Because of this, listening to music that makes us feel nostalgic will undoubtedly bring back all the happy memories.

Country music is the only genre that conveys the same sense of comfort and warmth. It was also discussed in a report from 2020 as to why the genre thrived during the pandemic when individuals were either secluded or far from their families and hometowns. Since some listeners find comfort in the calming, nostalgic elements of the genre, it is said that this is due to that factor. 

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A lesson or a story told through country music leaves a lasting impression on each listener. The genre is heart-wrenching and relatable, the genre. Because of this, it will unquestionably be adored by many people. The genre is jam-packed with songs about home sweet home that will surely take you back on a trip down memory lane. 

Whether you’re someone who is longing for home or someone who wants to reminisce the memories of home, then you will surely enjoy having a list of heartwarming country songs about hometowns.

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You’ll find everything on this list, from classic to more modern songs, including songs by Blake Shelton and Kacey Musgraves, as well as artists like Alan Jackson, Eric Church, and Steve Wariner. Their song will certainly evoke emotional feelings in you as memories of your beloved home flood back.

That’s why you should check out our list of the 25 best songs about home and hometowns if you want to feel the same warmth and comfort, the feeling that everything will be all right in the end. Then, we can guarantee that this list is definitely for you. 

1. Small Town USA by Justin Moore

This is one of the few uplifting country songs about going back to your roots. The masterpiece is written by Brian Dean Maher, Jeremy Stover, and Justin Moore. It’s a song about various things the narrator reminisces about in his hometown, from the graceful Sunday mornings to the great memories that he was able to make with the people of the town. In a report, Justin Moore stated that the song is based on his feeling of missing the small town life he had in his hometown Poyen, Arkansas, after moving to Nashville to pursue his music career. 

2. Home by Joe Diffie

If you are looking for country songs about missing home, this song is perfect for you. The song is stirred with intense emotions since it talks about no matter where you grew up, it may be in the city or country; home is the place we all belong. Released in 1990, the song was part of Joe Diffie’s album A Thousand Winding Roads. 

3. Small Town Saturday Night by Hal Ketchum

Released in 1991, “Small Town Saturday Night” is one of the best country songs about small town life. Written by Pat Alger and Hank DeVito, the song describes how exciting and joyful Saturday nights are in small towns. It is part of Hal Ketchum’s debut album, Past the Point of Rescue. 

4. Merry Go ‘Round Kacey Musgraves

This Grammy-winning song was included on the Same Trailer Different Park album, released in 2012. The song is a thorough evaluation of rural American life. The song’s beat is simultaneously catchy and funky.

5. American Saturday Night by Brad Paisley

If you’re looking for country songs about the joy of living in a small town or songs about finding a home away from home, this song is the perfect one for you. The song uses concrete illustrations of the cultural diversity seen in the US. 

6. The House That Built Me by Miranda Lambert

The song was released in 2010 as part of Lambert’s album Revolution. “The House That Built Me” is one of the country songs about the comfort of coming home. The song hit the charts at no. 1 on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard) and no. 2 on the Canadian Country (Billboard). 

7. Hometown Honeymoon by Alabama

Tying the knot with someone you love doesn’t need to be so extravagant. Some couples prefer simple weddings in the comfort of their hometown where friends and families are the only ones invited. This makes the event more intimate than it possibly can. 

8. Give Me Back My Hometown by Eric Church

As part of the album The outsiders, this song is able to hit the charts landing at no. 1 on both the US Country Airplay (Billboard) and Canadian Country (Billboard). The song talks about a man who longs for his unforgettable memories with the girl he likes in his hometown. However, the town’s warmth and comfort fade after she breaks up with him.

9. Small Town Girl by Steve Wariner

Many people say that the way a country girl loves hits differently. Released in 1986, John Barlow Jarvis and Don Cook wrote it as part of the album It’s a Crazy World. It is one of Wariner’s no. 1 hits. 

10. Who Says You Can’t Go Home by Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles

Home is where the music plays. It is a place where great memories are made. No matter where you go or what you have achieved in life, the comfort of going back home is indescribable. In what seems to be a homecoming song, Bon Jovi’s inspiration for the lyrics was his passion for his hometown in New Jersey.

11. Hero in Your Own Hometown by Mary Chapin Carpenter

Like any other song in this list, Hero in Your Own Hometown also talks about the beautiful memories made in our loving hometown. Especially those times when we think we are our hometown pride. 

12. Small Town Southern Man by Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson is a legendary name in the world of music. Released in 2007, his song Small Town Southern Man has been a great hit to many, peaking at no. 1 on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard). The song is about living by traditional country values. Moreover, he noted that the song celebrates people who grew up in rural areas as he did. That said, this is one of the best soulful country songs about the charm of rural communities.

13. Backwoods by Justin Moore

Would you believe that this song was written in just 20 minutes? Probably not. But that was the case. As he said in one of his interviews, the song is inspired by his hometown. Since the song is groovy and upbeat, listeners easily fell in love with it, making it hit the charts peaking at no. 6 on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard).

14. Red Dirt Road by Brooks & Dunn

“Red Dirt Road” finds a narrator reflecting on joyful memories linked to a red dirt road near where he grew up. The song was written by the duo themselves and was part of their 2003 album Red Dirt Road. If you’re looking for the best country songs about the beauty of rural living, you should definitely check this one out. 

15. Home by Blake Shelton

This song is one of Blake Shelton’s greatest hits. Michael Buble first released “Home” in 2005. Subsequently, in 2008, Blake Shelton released his interpretation in a country style. It’s one of the sentimental country songs about leaving home or being away from home that touches many hearts. 

16. Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver

“Take Me Home Country Roads” is also known as country roads. Released in 1971, the song peaked at no. 2 on Billboard’s US Hot 100 singles. The song is considered a symbol of West Virginia. Making it one of the best country songs about hometown pride.

17. My Tennessee Mountain Home by Dolly Parton

Using her childhood memories, Dolly Parton was able to make such remarkable work of art as part of her album of the same name. The song was released in 1973.

18. Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood

In 2009, “Temporary Home” was made available to listeners. It is one of Carrie Underwood’s greatest hits that landed her nomination to the Grammy Awards for Best Female Country Vocal Performance.

19. Mayberry by Rascal Flatts

Many say that life before the internet and all the sky towering buildings were more peaceful and easy. This song describes how the world changes through the years, becoming so fast-paced than it was before. The song was part of Flatts’s 2002 album Melt. 

20. Don’t Cheat in Our Hometown by Ricky Skaggs

Written by Ray Pennington and Roy E. Marcum. The song was part of the Don’t Cheat in Our Hometown album, released in 1983. The song hit the charts peaking at no. 1 on Canadian RPM Country Tracks and US Hot Country Songs (Billboard). The narrator states that if his lover cheats on him, he hopes it’s not in their hometown. 

21. Dirt Road Anthem by Jason Aldean

Traveling through memory lane as you reminisce about the good old memories is just something else. This is one of the best nostalgic country songs about growing up in the country. It was released in 2010 as part of Aldean’s album My Kinda Party. 

22. Meanwhile back at Mama’s by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

This is one of the country songs about the memories of growing up in the country. The narrator talks about how it was at his Mama’s house in the home sweet land of the countryside. Returning home is now one of his plans as he reminisces about the good old times.

23. Famous in a Small Town by Miranda Lambert

Home is a feeling of belongingness, which you’ll feel when you live in a relatively small town. The song was part of the album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend released in 2007. The song describes the simplicities of living in a small town where everyone knows each other, making everyone famous. The song was nominated for a Grammy in 2008 and peaked at no 14 on the US Hot Country Songs (Billboard).

24. My Town by Montgomery Gentry

The song was written by Jeffrey Steele & Reed Nielsen as part of the album My Town in 2002. It’s one of the country songs about the simple life of living in a simple town where people know each other. After all, nothing beats the good old memories we have made at home. 

25. Where the Green Grass Grows by Tim McGraw

They say living in the home sweet country is far better than living in the buzzing city. In this song, the narrator tells the story of him leaving the city to live where the green grass grows with the love of his life. The song is part of Tim McGraw’s album Everywhere. It hit the charts peaking at no. 1 on Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks.

So if you’re away from home and miss the warmth and comfort it gives, listening to these 25 best country songs about home and hometowns will undoubtedly brighten your day. 

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