November 25

Behind Alan Jackson’s 23rd #1 Hit, “Small Town Southern Man.”

Alan Jackson is famous for his neotraditional country genre, which is evident in his pieces. His song “Small Town Southern Man” topped the Billboard Hot Country Song charts for two weeks in March 2008, with people describing the music as “country music at its finest” that warms people’s hearts.

Released on November 19, 2007, the song features a slightly lively, moderate tempo that goes well with the guitars and instruments and, of course, the voices of Alan Jackson and his band.

How “Small Town Southern Man” Was Made

“Small Town Southern Man” has no particular meaning, according to Alan Jackson. He just happened to have written some parts of the song before, and he picked up on it and started completing it. The title sounded like a song to him when he wrote it down, and eventually, he came up with his 23rd #1 hit in the Billboard Hot Country Song chart.

He wrote the song thinking about what it’s like living with country values like valuing God, putting the family first, and being loyal to your wife. Also, he added that the song pays tribute to those who had a rural upbringing such as what he had. 

The inspiration behind his songs usually stems from conversations he has, mostly with his friends.

He explains that something, a word, phrase, sentence, or thought, will strike his attention whenever he casually drinks with his friends. He keeps a list of ideas he heard and thoughts that someone said so he can always get back to them and maybe write another hit song.

Why It Became Popular

Jackson believes his song became such a success because of how it resonated with people all over the country. The authenticity of the theme and lyrics quickly made their way into everyone’s hearts, making it one of their favorite songs from the country singer.

Country Universe’s reviewer Kevin John Conye gave Jackson’s piece an A rating because it paid tribute to fathers who prioritize their families and cherish the time spent with them.

“Small Town Southern Man” is one of Alan Jackson’s Billboard Country-topping hit music along with other Alan Jackson’s top songs“It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere,” “Where I Come From,” and “Chattahoochee.” 

Watch Alan Jackson nail his 70’s look in “Small Town Southern Man” below.


Alan Jackson

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