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In Blake Shelton’s Intense Rendition of “Goodbye Time”

Blake Shelton’s “Goodbye Time” was a single from his platinum studio album Blake Shelton’s Barn and Grill, released in 2005. James Dean Hicks and Roger Murrah wrote the three-minute song.

The album included other singles by Blake Shelton, like “Some Beach,” “Nobody But Me,” and “Cotton Picking Time.”

Why Blake Shelton Recorded The Cover

Conway Twitty was the original performer of “Goodbye Time.” Released in February 1988 from his album Still in Your Dreams, it reached the No. 7 spot on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart.

American country music singer Blake Shelton decided to record the track because of a TV special he saw about Conway Twitty. And obviously, he did not disappoint. 

Creating “Goodbye Time”

The song is a sentimental ballad about a man attempting to keep his lover from leaving. A theme like this will surely make listeners shed a tear or two. 

The writers were inspired to write the song by Hicks’s brother, who was going through a divorce. He was holding onto something that wasn’t there anymore, as Hicks said, and that’s where they started to draw out lyrics and inspiration.

The song was initially pitched to Reba McEntire for her to record, but she declined because the lyrics matched her and her husband’s feelings. She was also going through a divorce at the time. When the material was given to Conway Twitty, he agreed to record it with Vince Hill on the background vocals.

How Different Shelton’s Version Is

Blake Shelton’s rendition of “Goodbye Time” slightly differs from Twitty’s original version. The mellow piano sound accompanies both singles, and both singers show intense emotions throughout the song, but Shelton’s version leans a bit toward the modern side of music. A solid instrumental background can be heard. His voice is powerful, almost conveying the song’s immense pain.

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Twitty’s original version is somewhat softer; the song itself almost became a comforting song because of the tenderness of his voice. The instrumental background is milder and focuses more on the piano and strings.

Either way, no matter what version of “Goodbye Time” you play, both country singers undoubtedly, nailed the song. 

Check out this heartbreaking single from Blake Shelton below.


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