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Remembering Bob Wills on his Death Anniversary

Bob Wills: Our Legendary Man

Bob Wills
Bob Wills/

Bob Wills‘ was known as “The King of Western King.” Being the co-founder of Texas Boys inspired with Western Swing kind of country music. He is also a co-founder of Texas Boys. His parents were Mr. John and Mrs. Emma Wills. He was raised in a family who is into music. Bob, together with his siblings, loved to play musical instruments.

At an early age, he left his family and lived in trains to earn money. But, tragedy struck when he accidentally fell into a moving train.

He got married when he was in his 20s. He also experienced being a barber just to earn money. He uses makeup to cover his face while he plays the violin and sings in the comedy bar.

He is also included as one of Country Music Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll of Fame.

Western Swing will always be part of Bob’s life.

In 1950, Bob suffered from his health condition and faced financial problem but that didn’t hinder him from performing.

In 1962, Bob suffered from a heart attack. The following year, he was forced to disband the Playboys. But, he continued his recording as a solo artist. However,  his listeners didn’t like it even if he gave his best performance.

Bob’s “Ida Red Likes The Boogie” and “Faded Love” were included in his top 10 hits.

Bob Wills’Death

Bob Wills died on May 13, 1975. He suffered from bronchial pneumonia. He died at the age of seventy years old.

In 1969, Bob suffered a heart stroke and became paralyzed. That disaster ended his career in music. Luckily by the year 1971, he has recovered. In 1973, he joined the 2-day reunion with Texas Playboys to record an album. Meanwhile, he again suffered from a stroke and as days passed by, he went into a coma.

The musician continued recording and completed the album “For the Last Time.”

 In 2003, he became one of the Country Music Television’s Great Men in Country Music.

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