June 28

How Jake Owen Showed Support for the LGBTQ+ Community

Jake Owen has been proving to be one of country music’s elite performers. He recently had his seventh No. 1 single at country radio, and it is comfortably sitting at the top of the charts. Now, he has garnered a lot of gay country fans since he expressed his support for the LGBTQ community.

Jake Owen, jake, Owen, Believe, LGBT, Cher
via Jake Owen’s Official Facebook Page

However, since Country’s fanbase is mostly conservative, the move was not met without backlash and controversy. Still, Owen responded to an anti-LGBTQ+ fan in the most epic way ever.

Jake Owen Shows Support as an LGBTQ+ Ally… with a Cher Song!

In honor of Pride Month, the 37-year-old singer posted a backstage cover of one of Cher’s most iconic song, “Believe.” It went live on his Instagram on Tuesday with a sweet caption.

Jake Owen, jake, Owen, Believe, LGBT, Cher
Photo Credits: Jake Owen/Official Facebook Home Page

“I believe #loveislove 
Some of my closest friends and coworkers, are part of the #lgbt community and I couldn’t be more happy for the progress they have made. I’m inspired by people loving people no matter who you are. I BELIEVE the world needs more love. No matter where it comes from. “

What is the reason why he chose that song? He apparently googled the ‘gayest’ song of all time and that was the result!

Jake Owen, jake, Owen, Believe, LGBT, Cher
via Jake Owen’s Official Facebook Page

“So with that said, I googled “gayest” songs of all time and the boys and I decided to put our country spin on Cher’s “Believe.” Hope you dig. I plan on releasing all of these backstage random songs we’ve created very very soon. Stay tuned friends, and most importantly, love everyone. ?”


Jake Owen

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